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ADHD Weekly -- Can a Gene Test Help Pick the Right Meds?


What if a genetic test could show your doctor which medication would work best for you or your child?

Read "Can a Gene Test Help Pick the Right Meds?" at and share your thoughts with us.

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Would be cool!!!

This is a brain disfunction right? Am I right? Drugs, let's face it can only cover or do so much, but they don't get to the root of the problem. Try find an NLP hypnotist who specializes in ADD in your area. You where not born with this right? Some trauma happened while you where growing up and your brain automatically protected you best it could in your situation. Now you are older you most likely don't need to cut off from reality and self soothe with day dreaming. So on a subconscious level your brain just needs to change direction. If you can't afford specialist treatment right away try doing the app I downloaded on the Joseph Clough hypnosis app and get the ADHD download. Do it every night and as do it as long as it takes, weeks months years ... the longer the issue existed the longer you ought to keep at it every day .. can't hurt to try think outside the box . Drugs suck so I'll do all I can to manage this without a crutch.. meditation is a great way to level as well. I'd be lost without it.

KarenADHDWeeklyAdministrator in reply to AngieVM

Hello Angie,

I am glad you read our article. ADHD is a brain-based condition and it is genetically inherited; in rare cases, it is due to a chemical insult to the baby's developing brain before birth (such as smoking or life-saving medical treatment for the mother). So, to answer your question, yes, a person is born having ADHD.

I think you will find our information on this to be interesting:

Nearly 100 years of research into the treatment of ADHD has repeatedly shown that behavioral management techniques combined with appropriate medication management provide the best results. Each person is different and needs to work closely with her doctor to design a treatment plans that works best for her. We have information on this here,

It's great that you have found an apps that is helpful for you and you have made a decision about medication that is right for you. Other people and other readers have found medication to be good for them, other rely on behavioral management and daily structure while others are using a combined approach. These are good options for each person, based on that person's needs.

Medication does not "suck." It is a tool that has benefited many, many people. Employing medication needs to be an informed decision. Medication may not be the right approach for you -- and that's fine! -- but for others, it is a valid and important treatment option.

Best wishes,


ADHD Weekly Newsletter Editor

Would like that. They would have to know the genetic material that causes ADHD

I believe that if something helps and makes a person feel better then I am all for it. A lot of people are against taking medication (I can't understand there way of thinking) but everyone has a right to their own opinion and their choice of treatments. Again the cost is going to be a big factor - I live in Scotland and had to pay privately for assessment and subsequent treatment (medication ) I cannot get any other help as the Specialist I see lives 300 miles away and NHS will have nothing to do with it. They have diagnosed me with ME (wish there was a test for that) and also Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) under review and referred me to Psychologist (over 10 months ago) both my private specialist and myself disagree with this as I do not have the symptoms. I would be the first to ask for this test but know I wouldn't get it.

I would be more than willing - I would be overjoyed to be able to participate in a study for this.

My psychiatrist just ordered this test for me. I had my cheek swab last week. I am so excited to get the results. I am 57 and have felt through my life like I'm a medicine cabinet. Try this how does it feel not good then try this oh my God I've been diagnosed as bipolar 1 bipolar 2 I was in ADHD child and Ritalin turn my life around I've been screaming ADHD all these years and the doctors just look at me like they know best. My psychiatrist put me on adderal 2 weeks ago and for the first time in 30 years I feel like I can focus. I am also on bipolar 2 medication and anti-depressants. I can't wait for the gene test to come back and let me know if this is the best combination meds for me dollars to Donuts I'm not bipolar at all. I've never had a long run of mania. I get what looks like Mania when something exciting the day or two down the road but would you not call that hyperactivity? Anyway really excited because it can help tell which meds work with your particular genes.

My daughter had this done. The results are something she and I can not put a price tag on. She has very rare results. Which are helping her so much now. There were other things listed that said they were not used for med purposes BUT I researched them. I found gene mutations. I am high risk breast cancer right now. This puts it over the edge breast cancer in the next 2 years. My daughter as well. (she not in 2 years but she will develop) I was adopted so this was the absolute way for us to learn this. We will both have surgery to avoid getting sick. There were many other things we learned as well. SO YOU NEVER KNOW!!!

Yes but it is expensive and is very hard to convince a dr to actually have it done. It has taken me 30 yrs to do this. Finally I have done it. The result was I do not have the same ( to make it simple) DNA coding like the norms in the world. It takes much higher dosage of ADHD stimulant meds to work for me. So all these years I was not just trying to get more meds because I have a drug problem. LOL

Orangina234 in reply to Marygr66


New to this... I’m a 44 yr old woman... this is the first post I see where someone needs a lot of meds... I think I’m falling into that category. I’m on 30 adderall, isn’t that high? 300 Wellbutrin, and Prozac (forget the amount)

Is there a name for this test? Approx how much?( if you’re in the states.)

Thank you!.

I took the test, ( swab in cheek) from my experience, it was useful finding that my motabilism took med. Through my system quicker than someone who would take their med. & It would last the amount of time specified.I tried the meds.

The TEST said would be a better fit for me. They where not.But we had something to work with at least an understanding of why the med. That does work best for me doesn't stay in my system longer. We are a work in progress.The test is cool. & It specifies all types of meds.and effectiveness that MAY be this or that. So in my opinion it is a good idea. But in need of fine tuning, because it is not a set in stone awnser. At least not yet. ( Took test in 2019)

A dna test helped my doctor determine the best supplements and medications for me and has blown me a way with each change. I am blown away by the wizardry of this guy and his ability to not only teach me about my brain and how it works, but pinpoint what each medication and supplant will do to each part of my brain. The DNA test that I took was a major part of all of this.

Aragalvin in reply to Netjester

I am jealous you found someone like this! Where do you live?

This is awesome! The women I spoke with yesterday talked to me about this test. I will be getting this done and in Michigan they pay for it. It is called; I have to tell you...just knowing the test busts everything down to what your individual genetic structure is is what I have always wanted. I do not, nor have I ever wanted, to be on meds that did not work for ME, or simply be on them at all. I have gone through nearly my whole life w out them. So I am excited and will share more.

Have a great day everyone!

My psychiatrist ordered it. It was helpful because the test indicated I had only a few interactions. We preceded to move ahead with targeted therapy.

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