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Hi everyone,

I’ve been on roaccutane since July, unfortunately upping my dose messed my joints up so I’m on a low dose and will be on it a bit longer. I started taking the mini pill (as the ladies know we have to go on contraception) but my body hates not having a period. I’ve been on it since feb and I’ve decided to stop it because of the side effects. I’m not allowed the combined pill due to migraines, I had a weird reaction to the injection (and it’s happening with the pill). I don’t want the coil or implant, a previous GP said they wouldn’t be suitable for me.

I haven’t been in a relationship for 6 years, I haven’t slept with anyone in that time, I can assure you it won’t be happening during a pandemic and I’m happy to abstain until I finish roaccutane haha! There’s absolutely no danger of me getting pregnant, but I’m worried if I tell the dermatology nurse at my next appointment they’ll say I can’t take roaccutane until I’m on contraception again, but I’m in this situation where I’ve run out of options for contraception! Has anyone else had this problem?

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Is it mandatory to go on contraception? I'm abstinent as well and don't want to take the pill also due to side effects.

I would maybe not tell them at all if it's irrelevant for you to take contraception if there is no need. Just putting unnecessary synthetic hormones in your system otherwise.

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