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ADHD meds that don’t have as much side effect

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I just joined this group. My 14 year old has tried both Concerta and Adderall. Her teachers have noticed a remarkable difference in focus when she takes her meds. However she has refused to take them because she said she feels weird when she’s on them-that she’s not herself. I’m not sure what this is, but maybe someone has a similar experience? Are there others ADHD meds that have less of this side effect?

Thanks in advance!

7 Replies
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Welcome to the group. We are happy you joined us.There are stimulants and non-stimulants( Initiv). Both medications you mentioned are stimulants.

Stimulants when they are the right type of medication and dose of medication help decrease impulsive behavior.

Non-stimulants help with focus and mood.

What other tools does she have to help her cope with ADHD Most children with ADHD benefit from therapy and an educational plan( and medication which she is trying).

It would be great if someone who is an adult and has ADHD can comment of how taking medicine feels from this community.

Our son is 16 years old and he says he can't really tell he has takes his medication but we can. It helps him talk less, not be as impulsive and stop acting silly.

Hope you find a solution that helps her.

Take care,

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SecretAgentIEP in reply to Onthemove1971

Congratulations on finding a solution. Can you share the medicines and dosage your son takes?

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SurvivorFan in reply to Onthemove1971

My son is the same. It always baffles me when he says he doesn't notice a difference when the medicine is working vs. morning time before meds kick in!

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Hello my 16 year old grandson is on VyVanse and does not seem to experience side effects. It's all a mystery but what surprised me was the psychiatrist I found is on it too because he has ADHD.

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Are you working with a psychiatrist? It’s not just the brand of medication but also the dose and timing. A good psychiatrist will have personalized suggestions for your kid.

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Well, I am an middle aged adult who had ADHD but not on any medication (have coping strategies) but I have tried that stuff myself years ago and she is right what she describes and I don’t blame her she doesn’t want to take it.

My son is 9 and diagnosed only at 8, initially prescribed stimulant Methylphenidate and all I can say - 8 months of nightmare where he ‘wasn’t himself’ but since he’s young he could not tell us. We changed his psychiatrist and still he was refusing to swap him to non stimulant but eventually he did swapped him to non stimulant Atomoxetine and he is back to normal self plus he can focus. We never looked back. I stik have a grudge to his doctor why he made my son suffer so much on stimulants for so long.

Ask your daughter to try a non stimulant such as Atomoxetine or Qelbree or Guanfacine. You are lucky she is old enough to be self aware and tell you how she feels. There is a choice and hopefully one of these will suit her. The trouble is they don’t work instantaneously - take 2-6 weeks to properly kick in, sometimes full benefit even longer. In the transition period she could try to slowly be swapping - tiny mg of stimulant plus non stimulant and then slowly withdrawing completely the stimulant and maintaining just the non stimulant or keeping 5mg stimulant daily with non stimulant. Psychiatrist can advise on this. Attitude online has article on mixing stimulant with non stimulant meds.

Hope she find medication that helps with the symptoms yet makes her at ease and feeling herself.

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Have you tried Jornay PM? (stimulant) They take it at night. My 13 year son is on 40 mg with no noticeable side effects.

I really like the comment below about mixing the stimulants and Non-stimulants. Trust me that it has been a long road for us too until we found the correct medication.

My son also takes Guanfacine. 2mg in the am and 2 mg in the pm. I usually give him a 5 mg booster of ritalin in the afternoon with the Guanfacine. We tried to increase the Journay but it was too much for him. He felt super tired!

He also takes this natural supplement that was recommended to me by a friend with a son in high school. You can find it on Amazon.

Make sure that you are working with a knowledgeable health care provider. My son is seen by an amazing developmental / behavioral pediatrician. She has been a BLESSING! He’s doing great. Keeping his grades up, and playing competitive sports.


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