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Guanfacine HCL extended release (Intuniv)

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My son takes guanfacine extended release in the morning for ADHD, but he is sleepy at school. If he switched to taking it before bed, would he be less sleepy at school the next day?

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We have always taken our at bed. But not had any sleepiness during the day. We have increased the dose but no sleepiness.

Of course ask your doctor, but I would see about switching to night time.

Good luck,

Hi, My Son takes his at night time, No sleepiness during the day.Good luck

I took that for a while, but I was told it's for bedtime only...

My son takes this as well and he takes it in the morning. He does get a tad sleepy at school but he always seems to fall asleep in the afternoon when he comes home. I asked the psychiatrist about this and she stressed it wasn't the medication causing this. My son is a terrible eater and super picky and slow. He would rather go hungry then eat something he doesn't like or want to. We figured out that he is not getting enough calories to give him enough energy to get through the day. Our son is 9. How much food is your son eating through out the day? We had even tried switching to nighttime when we thought it was the medication but that didnot help him and he actually had a hard time falling asleep at night.

That is interesting. He is a slow eater, but he usually finishes he plate. I also just started him on some new vitamins this week. Let's see if that helps.

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IheartDisney in reply to gyourse

He gets snack at school and lunch. If he didnt eat his lunch then we need to make sure he eats right when he gets home before dinner or it's lights out.

My seven-year-old daughter also takes it at bedtime, per her doctors recommendation. She takes 2mg of Intuniv. We have not seen any pronounced sleepiness during the school day. I would definitely ask your pediatrician about switching times.

We were told to take it at night.

I heard on a Additude podcast it takes about 5 hours to kick in generally. I try to give it late afternoon some to see if it helps with sleep.

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