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Terrible sleep

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My son is 10 and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. He is doing well overall. We have an IEP at school that is working well. He is not taking any medication at this time. Our BIG issue is his sleep. He struggles to fall asleep and then wakes 1-2 times a night and can’t get back to sleep. We do ALL the recommended things— good routine, no screens before bed, good diet, good water intake. He loves to read and enjoys quiet time. He has a BIG imagination and I’m sure that doesn’t help at 3AM. He can only sleep sound with someone else in the room. What else works????? I’d love some advice.

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Our Neurologist recommends Melatonin but that's your choice. It's natural so it's not a drug.

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PTmom in reply to Fvalerio

Thank you. He has tried melatonin but it doesn’t help him sleep through the night :(

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JerryMaren in reply to PTmom

Hi it depends wot kind of melatonin it is. Ask for Circadin cos it’s slow relese and lasts all nite. My sisters 11 and she takes 2mg and it dose her all nite and before that she only sleeped 2 hours and was up and down the rest of the time. circadin made a massiv difference and ur GP can priscribe it.

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PTmom in reply to JerryMaren

Thank you, I didn’t know about the time release. Trying now!

We use an rx medication called clonidine AND melatonin together. It’s the only way my son will fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time and before 10pm. Lots of physical activity. And we got him a dog that sleeps in the bed with him. I think he feels much more secure with her there.

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Thank you, I’ll look into this!

We had the sleep problem with my 16 yo daughter for a long time. We are finally starting to com out the other side. What has helped quite a bit is:

-No phones or other devices after 10pm

-Computer in a separate room from bedroom

-Take meds earlier in the morning, even if she goes back to sleep for a while...but not too late or sleep will be messed up later

-weighted blanket (Amazon)

-white noise machine (also from Amazon. It is about the size of an alarm clock)

-be physically active throughout the day...dog walks, chores, etc. if your child isn't into sporty things

-no desserts or sugary treats after 8pm

Good luck

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PTmom in reply to sunnyqueen

Great tips, thank you!!

We have two kids with ADHD and similar problems. For our 10-year old we found Brain.FM a miracle cure. It seems that by having Brain.FM on at night he has something to focus upon and this lets him sleep. From memory you can trial it free for about a week. It has not been effective for our youngest so it is certainly not a miracle cure for all. Worth a try.

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PTmom in reply to Gxcccc

I’ll check out Brain.FM. Thank you!!!

I’ve found that Zalher ChildCalm has helped my son. It has magnesium, lemon balm and L-Theanine and saffron.

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PTmom in reply to BVBV

Thank you, I’ll look into this!!

I have to second the suggestion of a white noise generator. We also have a small one that my son has used since he was a toddler. It helps to block out other noises in the house/neighborhood that his mind would keep getting drawn to.

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