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How does ADHD effect a child's response to discipline?

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New here. My 8 year old daughter has been on medication for ADHD for about 2 years and it is helping her learning immensely (she was having incredible learning difficulty and was held back). My difficulty comes in the evening and weekends when she is not medicated. She becomes so sensitive to any correction at all, no matter how gently raised. She immediately cries, wants to run away, and declares that she is "bad." Does anyone have any suggestion on how to direct an ADHD child toward better behaviors without eliciting such a response?

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How about giving her medication every day that way she stays regular. I now when I don’t take my medication I feel the withdrawal and it’s not the greatest feeling

I started out giving my 6 year old medication only during the week but then transitioned into every day to keep it consistent and also because she is so much more present when she is on it. However, at night when her medication wears off we often have a struggle with the bedtime routine and is also overly sensitive to corrections. Sometimes all we can do not react emotionally to her highly emotional outburst and when she calms down, talk to her about how it feels to have big emotions like that and how we understand and then we try to discuss what else she can do when she feels that way. It is tedious and time consuming but it has worked the best for us.

She may need an afternoon dosage or weekend dosage. You can speak to her doctor about the behaviors without meds. If you have time & resources, you can get her into behavior therapy. They can help you and her with strategies to get better results with directives.

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