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Back to school tomorrow - Sigh

I mean, I'm excited for her new IEP and I know she's been bored out of her MIND for the last two weeks but her anxiety every morning and the long days with therapy, dinner, homework, (insert breakdown at least 4x's a week), shower, bedtime, morning, exhaustion, losing homework, not turning in homework, losing her coat again, losing her lunch, not eating her lunch, kids being mean, emails from the school, meetings at the school, having to pick her up early, changing meds again in two weeks....

I guess one day at a time. Thank God I have you guys to vent to...

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I know- I feel the same way- I dread getting back on the treadmill. So stressful. Prayers to you from me!

I wish there was a better alternative for you. Hang in there!

If your daughter is having that much anxiety and problems, would she benefit from a smaller classroom or possibly a different type of education (online, Montessori, etc)? My son was being removed from class every day in kindergarten because of his behavior. It finally got to the point where the school special needs group decided to put him in a smaller class specifically for kids with ADHD and other developmental issues. It’s been good because he doesn’t get sent home unless he is so over the top upset that they can’t de-escalate the situation. He gets more one-on-one attention and doesn’t have to be segregated. Every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education through the public school system, and if she’s being removed from class often then she’s not really getting an education. Just some ideas. Good luck.

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Thank you so much! I really do love the school she is and she has tons of support. She doesn't have behavior problems, but emotional ones. She doesn't get removed from class, but often leaves to go to the school counselor. Her IEP starts Wednesday and she will be in a small group setting for a couple of subjects including her elective which will be executive skills, organization, etc. She also has other accommodations which I'm very happy with. She goes to the counselor's office when things go wrong and they are very good to her. I guess I just wish so badly that she didn't have to deal with these things every day...

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Well that’s good. My son’s problem was his behavior, so they moved him to a smaller class. It’s good they allow her to leave if she needs to.

Same struggles here.. school resumes tomorrow with new semester.. ahhhh. Wish I had that magic wand for all of us... Sending a hug ur way and I think Im gonna hug myself too.. Im gonna need it for tomorrow LOL

What you describe is EXACTLY what I go through every single day - long work days, rushing to make dinner, nightly trips to a tutor, constant homework struggles, coaxing him to get chores done, exhaustion, forgetting homework, not turning in homework and projects we spent hours on, losing his house key, not eating breakfast, kids being mean, emails and calls from the school, IEP meetings at the school......All this is the exact same stuff I deal with. It is tiring and most times I feel like a robot going from one task to the next only to fall in bed feeling like nothing was accomplished and so full of mental and physical exhaustion.

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It's Thursday and my hair is dirty, my eyes hurt, my house is dirty and I just want to go to sleep...oh and homework is due tomorrow. yay.

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