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Here's to 2019


I just want to thank you guys. When my daughter receive (all) of her dignoses in August and September I was at a loss. I feel SO grateful to have found this site and all of you. You talk me down from the ledge. I read your posts and realize I am not alone. Posting makes me sometimes realize I am stronger than I know and realize that my daughter is also not alone. Thank you and here is to a new year, better outcomes, even better research and continuing to support each other! (not even close to making it to midnight.)

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am glad that you feel encouraged. There are many resources for ADHD/Autism. When new situations happen, just reach out do research and ask questions. You will be fine.

Before I go a couple of places for information are the Autism Society and Autism Speaks. If your child is in school check out all the resources at the Department of Education for your area. Rights vary from state to state. You have this!

I just want to thank u for being the first to welcome me to this community.I wish u n ur daughter much happiness for 2019. :)

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