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Second Grade, ADHD and Struggling


Hello. My son is ADHD. He is seven has been on Dyanavel XR for more than a year now. We also give him Vayarin. When medicated he is better but still struggles with focus and attention, so much so that we are getting assignments home with blank pages and responses. Sometimes he answers questions but doesn’t understand them so just guesses or misses key words (“in total” for example) and answers wrong. He is getting Ds and Fs in math and science although he loves science and often knows the material. His reading is great and so far he is doing well in Rnglish. I see a pattern emerging. His class does have a second teacher who focuses on ESE and is shared with another classroom so that is good, and he has an accommodation plan, but it’s just not enough. Who has been here and what do I do? I am in Florida and it would be near impossible for me to get him an aide. Thanks.

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As a mother of an ADHD & Bipolar 3rd grader I completely understand that nothing seems to help at times. If he’s still struggling then his meds are not working and he needs a 2nd and 3rd opinion. If his brain isn’t balanced then his ability to learn, behave or feel good about himself is not going to happen.

As a former special education teacher it sounds like his IEP is not “appropriate “for his needs. And under the law he is guaranteed free and APPROPRIATE education. I would call an IEP meeting for more/different accommodations, share with them the new medical advice you are obtaining. Do an official request for further testing learning disabilities. I know an aid is not an option but ...there’s got to be a way to support you both. If he gets his Meds sorted a lot of this will fall away too.

Frankie has a tough teacher this year and have made it seems that I’m “helping her” with suggestions. I’ve also kissed her butt a bunch already and helps with teachers! Lol I’m going into the same IEP meeting next week pushing for more support. They’ll say no and I’ll say how about we try.

It’s tough on us because the emotional stress and worry makes me feel like I’m carrying a ton of cement and no one has a stupid forklift to help. Lonely feeling ....

My son is seven in second grade with ADHD. This year has been very challenging I think mainly because of the teacher. She has no clue what ADHD is and she is resistant to change behavior expectations even though my son has an IEP with accommodations. An adversarial relationship has developed between her and my son. She is too stupid to change her attitude to accommodate this ADHD kid. My son started bed wetting after school started due to stress according to his doctor. However, the special education team is very supportive and focused on positive reinforcement.

My advice to you, be his advocate and fight for his rights, don't settle for what the school is offering him. Know the ins and outs of the laws and regulations that protect your son's rights. Ask his teacher about her grading, is she following the accommodations in his IEP. Are they giving him extra breaks and less repetitive work. Teachers most of the time don't like to get out of their comfort zone and think of this ADHD kid who deserves special accommodations in grading. You have to remind them unfortunately because they don't care.

You should see about getting him into a co-taught classroom or a non-public school placement with a smaller class setting. You can request this at your next IEP meeting or request a sooner meeting. If you do not get resolution on placement, contact a special education attorney to help bring resolution.

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