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Not diagnosed yet

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HI! I' m new here and I am starting my search for a diagnose.

I have a three year old boy that I raise alone. Father was never present.

He is very loving. He goes with literally everyone. He will know you now and melt in your arms 5 minutes later. I never thought it as problem but now we are finding more and more simptons and we are in search for a diagnosis.

He started school last year with 1y8m (wich is very common in Brazil) and since the start he hated it. He found no interest at all and at some point I agreed that the school was doing almost nothing to get his attention. This year he is attending a Maple Bear Canadian School, and the school is great, they really do all the efforts to get to him. Now we (me and my son) love the school, but still, he can't finish one single activity. He likes everything that is proposed by the teachers but he can go through with it. He is always wondering what's next. Recently the school advised me to get an an appointment with a psychomotricist.

At home he has the same attitude. Drop things unfinished. He starts putting on his shorts and between one leg and the second, he has lost track of what he was doing...

He never looks to what he is doing. Like, washing hands looking to the ceiling, climbing stairs looking to a window, but never paying attention to the activity he is doing. And it is becoming dangerous for him.

He loves playing sports like Judo and soccer, and I encourage it, but he fells uncomfortable at Soccer class.

My question, is it possible to get a diagnose at age 3?

I really wanted to know, so I could do something to help him.

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Hi Miss Smith, As a seasoned mom with 4 kids, 26, 23 and twin 7 year olds I feel your pain. At 3 children have so much going on that I personally think its too young for testing for ADHD but there are other tests offered. I had my son tested for various things from cognitive learning, problem solving as well as developmental skills. It could be your little man is just in awe of the world and always looking for the next adventure. You are a GREAT mom though to be alert and aware of these actions because it helps you to be better prepared. My advice is watch and learn first, what are things that peak his interest and why, are there particular things that he likes over others, never dismiss a request to try something new because we know kids with a high functioning brain need that stimulation. Keep a constant firm routine because if he's ADHD he will need and thrive from that. Positive reinforcement on the toughest day, which is tough but keep his spirit of adventure alive as you work to identify the "issue". Parents unity and always supporting each other is the best way to... You can email me at if you need a friend to talk to.

Hello and welcome! It's great that you are doing your research to find answers for your son! Have the teachers at his schools said what they thought it could be? What you are describing can also fall under the symptoms of autism. Some of the kids at the daycare I work at have autism and they also can not complete some tasks, so it doesn't necessarily mean it is adhd if they can't complete a task. I don't know your child so I don't know but just be open to the possibilities. Like someone else mentioned, it can just be that he is curious! If the teachers are also concerned, taking a test to be sure wouldn't hurt and speak to your doctor as well for recommendations. Good luck!

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miss_smith in reply to Momofze

Thanks so much. Autism was discarded earlier.

Althought he can 't complete his tasks he is very loving, he feels a lot, and he talks about his feelings all the time. He loves to spend time with friends, give hugs and kisses everyone and is very empathic. He connects with everyone very easily. But I' ll definitely keep an open eye to that.


ADHD can be diagnosed at 3 years old but the doctor should be very experienced since there are many other reasons for the behaviors. I agree with getting as much information as possible and trying behavior management first.

In US they would not diagnose my son until he was 5. It was a battle to even get that done. Good luck!!!!

In Brazil it's normal for kids to start in schools around age 2 (in private schools. public system starts at age 6 and usually they are not so good). Mine started with 1y8m. So, after attending 1.5~2 years at school it's usual the schools recommend some kind of testing before age 4. Mental Health Professionals (also private and expensive) are specializing in doing these tests on toddlers...

That gets me to ask, if we weren't doing these things so early, would it resolve itself?

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