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My 7 y.o. just started taking a low dose extended release stimulant after undergoing evals he had both severe inattentive & hyperactivity. By time we got the meds school was already out so daycare is working with us on his meds/changes. They said they do see a difference he's more calm but not like a zombie or anything alarming, he was sitting and reading for an hour but sometimes he gets angry easy. But overall there has been some improvement. However when he comes home he is very emotional and has many angry outbursts, of yelling and he gets set off really easy. How do I know if he's just coming off of it or if something needs changed? I know it has only been a week does it take a month to fully work or could he need a dose change/med change? Should I bring him to counseling? It took 3 mo (because of insurance) to get the meds, was just hoping for better results as evening have been very rough! Any advice welcomed!!

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This is exactly what I'm going thru. My 6 year old is on 5mg xr. Evenings are hard. He is okay when I pick him up from camp or aftercare but within 30 mins he is very upset and emotional. At times i don't know how to handle it because I know he doenst want to be upset or act out. He doesn't get emotional or upset if I have an activity, playdate or something planned for him. But that cuts into dinner time, laundry time, etc. I know exactly how you feel. What works for me is letting him know days we will be going home and he will have to play independently, do chores, etc. Other days I have play dates scheduled after a full day of school and aftercare or camp. It's alot on me as a single mom but it helps him with his extra energy, boredom, irritable attitude.

Hope this helps

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