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IEP advice entering kindergarten

My son has been on an IEP at preschool from the age of 4. He will be entering kindergarten in the fall and we have his IEP meeting next week with a representative from the elementary school. He has sensory processing disorder and had a speech delay in pragmatics. He is receiving OT and speech currently. Please share your advice of what else I should ask for as he transitions into the chaotic work of kindergarten?

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I would say work with your preschool teachers and specialist to make sure that the services your son is getting now carries over to your new school. Make you have your OT produces or they can provide them, such as weighted vest, therapy ball, close to teacher accomodations for sensory breaks and headphones for noise cancellation. There's a thousand things need but most of all make new school is aware if his IEP.

For example my son had specialist through out preschool and kinder, transition was fine. What change in first grade is a charter school not public and I had to buy a weighted vest because he didn't have one at the charter school and I think they was unaware that he had been using one in previous years and schools. I don't don't what reason was and it wadnt to expensive so I bought one for him to leave at school.

Lastly, I shared a message about what to look for in an good IEP/ PLAN. In it I also mentioned what my son's service plan looks like. By that I mean what services will be delivered and the hours / minutes the services will be implemented. Make sure the goals they set are achievable within the year.

Your child will learn to recognize 5 of the 26 letters and 5 of the first 20 numbers and write his name. If these things are already learned then they will set other appropriate goalsn.

I hope I was able to HELP!


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