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Changing Medication

Hello All, soi have a 15 year old who has been on Methylphenidate 27mg for about 4 years i have had to take him completely off this medication because everytime he takes it he ends up in the hospital. He was doing so good in his new high school but out of no were a huge change so we have had to remove him from school and back to homeschool and also switch meds so now his on Adderal and also Prozac sense the change back to homeschool with different meds he seems to be doing alot better his more clam and focussed he also developed really bad panic attacks and anxiety but i must say he's doing very well. Homeschool may not be for everyone but i tell you for me it was a blessing. He is still very active with his friends he even gets to go to his old school 3x a week and help out the office staff and teacher's so im very greatful....

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Wow that must be a lot for you to take in. It sounds like I turned out well in the end. Why did you have to take him to the hispital? What were his symptoms?

I have a 13 year old who has been on methalynfenidate, Intuitive, ability and Zoloft and for 5 years. Wondering what side effects caused your son to go to the hospital?


Hello.......So every time I had him take his meds he would wined up in the ER with painful cramping in the stomach fever vomiting constipation dehydration they would have to hook him up to all kind of monitors to get him on solution to get him from being so dehydrated his blood pressure was out of whack even the ER doctor told me that I should have him taken off the Methylphenidate the dosage was way too high and they had documentation of every time that he's been in the ER with the same set of symptoms when I take him off the medication he never has any symptoms at all he's just fine so if he's on Methylphenidate a really high dosage like 20 mg or above keep an eye out on the symptoms. How far as the prozac I haven't had any issues with that..


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