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Who isn't scared or afraid

Before I found this group I was scarred and frustrated. I didn't know what we were facing. I preschool the was talking autism, nobody said anything about ADHD. I spent weeks and months on the internet trying to find the right diagnoses. The school did test after test. He past those age appropriate and developmental mile stones with no problems with the exception of getting labeled with a Learning Disability and Sensory Processing Disorder. Went to mental health Dr. and didn't get much but the same result that he may have high functioning autism (Asperger's Syndrome) because he was about 3.5 and still going through his 2's and would have melt downs and temper tantrums everyday. Fast forward we faught many battles and did lots of activities and got new Dr. and new schools we finally got a diagnoses.

I diagnosed his ADHD even through had to complete NiCHQ a questionnaire to determine if he has ADHD. I found this website a few months ago and so glad I did. These wonderfully articulate children come with challenges that the internet can't answer or tell some of the other characteristics of ADHD, like the challenges of morning routines, homework issues, attachment to tv and videos, and especially getting suspensions from school for certain behavior issues, and not to mention clumsiness.

I check my daily report everyday, I respond to a lot the posts because I've been there and I feel a need to tell the new ones that your not a lone and you don't have to be scared, because anyone on here has been through very similar issues and can always give you advise from a mother or fathers point of view. It's not just living with a diagnoses, it's life with kids that a very differen way of processing life.

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Your description sounds exactly like my little guy. I completely feel your struggle. Stay strong.


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