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I am so overwhelmed my 7 yr old with adhd has an in an out father whom i never denied any thing to her when he goes off on his drug An gambling binge but now I’m having a having a hard time with her she is becoming more an more combative An sassy it’s overwhelming I’ve been dating the same person for 9 months An she has times where she tries to make me feel like she is not first in my life when if the dog could talk he’d tell you that’s not true I’m really loss don’t knw what to do feel like I’ve failed as a parent because i can’t fully control her I’m thinking about reaching out to the guidance center in my area An filling for full custody of her because her dad can’t give her what she needs anyway he’s really a waste of time in her life an a headache in mine

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Hi Taneisha-

Sorry you are struggling with this. Is she medicated? Are you doing family therapy yet? Doing this with a partner is difficult, and I'm sure even more stressful basically doing it yourself. Reach out to community resources if you haven't yet. We just started family therapy- our daughter is almost the same age. You haven't failed- you obviously care so much because you are on here asking the questions that show that. A therapist will help you with tools in how to handle her behaviors. Stability is really key to these kids. The therapy will give you the support you need too. Good luck with everything we know it isn't easy.

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Yes my next step was my next step my community guidance center because my stress level is at an all time high my bp is at stroke level i constantly get headaches an i get agitated at almost anything every little and i try so hard this is by far the hardest task I’ve had to take on


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