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Inattentive types - different strategies?

Hello! This is my first time here. My 11 year old son has been diagnosed as ADHD, inattentive type. I read Dr. Ed Hallowell's book, Super-parenting for ADD, which has some great info in it, but I feel it really focuses on kids with the "H' (hyperactivity). He uses the metaphor of an ADHD brain as a Ferrari race car that has just regular brakes, and that medication (or other strategies) can act like better brakes for the gifted/challenged ADHD brain. I shared this with my son, and he said, "I think that's more for kids with hyperactivity, Mom." Gotta love his honesty! Does anyone have other metaphors or images that work for your kids who are "inattentive types"?


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I’m following this post since I have a 7yo son with the same. I hope you get some answers to this question. Unrelated, but do you medicate? Curious about what other parents have done/are doing that works since I’m at the beginning of this road. :l

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Does he have ADHD or ADD? ADHD is with the hyperactivity and ADD is without hyperactivity...?


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