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Ritalin LA

So my daughter was given Ritalin LA 10 mg for eight days. Then i freaked out about the tic she started and stopped giving it to her today. I spoke with her teacher and she told me that she saw no change at all in my daughters focus last week. My question to all of you is how long did it take before you saw a positive change in your child? I am meeting again with the doctor next week to talk about this but i am curious if I had given the Ritalin more time would I have potentially seen an improvement in my daughters focus. She is not hyper. She is mildly impulsive and she is very spaced out to the point that it is an problem for her.

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Stimulants should work pretty quickly (same day), unlike the non-stimulants that can take a few weeks to see an effect. It’s possible that the stimulant dose was too low to see a benefit. Best to talk to your doctor (one experienced with dosing adhd meds). My son experienced tics when increasing the dose of his stimulant. We then switched to a non-stimulant but didn’t have much help with focus. After a long time with trial and error he ended up on a low dose stimulant with 2mg guanfacine (no stimulant) and it seems to be working giving him enough focus with decreased tics (lately he hasn’t had any tics). Basically everyone is different so you and the dr will need to figure out what works for her.

Good luck


Thank you. Good to know that generally results are seen quickly.


I seen a change in school after about 3 days of my daughter starting medication


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