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Desperately seeking Khendall

I’m new to the process. My daughter is 9 in the 3rd grade. I’ve known for over 5 years that my daughter has/have ADHD. While in kindergarten her teacher said she thought my daughter had ADHD. But because I was just diagnosed as manic depressive with anxiety, Insomnia & PTSD. I wasn’t able to take care of her issue immediately. So in my mental state I quit work and devoted what time I could muster up to her. In the beginning she was doing what I thought was good. Now looking back, my baby was going through it. She held up until 2nd grade... she was held back. That affected her tremendously. She reverted back to being a 5year old. She’s overly emotional & jumpy. I remind her constantly that she doesn’t have to be scared. She acts as if I going to hit her. Which has never crossed my mind. Me trying to reassure her has made her a terror to her siblings. I let her rule the house as long as she behaves in school. I reward bad behavior. My parents won’t let her stay for extended period of time. I’m her best and only friend (so she says) sometimes I think she tells me that to make me feel better. I am proud that I am seeking help and so hopeful & happy about her progression. She’s so beautiful, caring and intelligent. She just needs to learn how to put it on paper. I’ve placed her on an IEP. She finally grasped addition and subtraction(yayyyyy!!!). We did a conference on the 10th & they say her vocabulary is impressive and she using her words appropriately. She just needs to be able to read what she’s saying. She’s currently on a 1st grade reading level. I hope with your help we can get my baby back on track. Thanks for your understanding and advice in advance.

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Is she on any medication to help her concentrate? I read someplace that an ADHD brain is like ping pong balls bouncing around inside of an air container. It's hard to learn something at your thoughts are going everywhere a hundred miles an hour.

They are also usually behind in maturity


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