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No meds

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I have a 9 year old son who has been diagnosed with adhd since he was 4yrs old.

I refuse to put him on meds due to the side affects. I have tried this multivitamin health remedy call Calm Kids. It seems to work at times and then other times it doesn't.

My question is what other herbal remedies out there that are effective?

When i tried to get my son's doctor's advice all he wants to do is prescribe drugs. He says there isn't a herbal remedies for adhd.

I need some suggestion from those parents who did not give there child meds and they became successful.

What was your course of action?

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Have you gone to a holistic health practitioner or naturopath? My 13 yo son is on medication now, but we did go to a medical doctor (an actual MD, so insurance actually covered a portion of the visits) who practices more holistic approaches when he was first diagnosed around age 8. I do think some of it helped, but as he got older, it just didn’t work as well anymore. I’m glad we did it and I think there were other benefits than just avoiding stimulant medication.

He was on a regimen of vitamins that included an omega vitamin (which I think is beneficial for most of us anyway), Sam-e, Adrecor, and something else that I can’t recall. It wasn’t just the amount of what he took, timing was involved too. We did this for almost 2 years before resorting to medication and it worked well enough to get by for that time. But the medication made me really see how much better it could be for him. He is now on Focalin, and it works 100 times better than anything else we’ve tried. But I’m all for trying other options before going straight to medication because all kids are different.

If you are interested in herbal and vitamin alternatives to stimulants, you should work with a professional who is experienced with them. Good luck!

Oh, also wanted to mention, a friend of mine had a good experience with neuro-biofeedback. Her son is the same age as mine and they took him to a specialist in the area who does this. They had to go every day for the first week or 2, then at least once a week, if not twice, for this over the course of a year. There were some noticeable improvements for him. They did this last year. I’m looking into it for my son. The problem with a lot of these is they can be very costly (I know her insurance did not cover any of it) and they don’t work for everyone.

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