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Medication not working cant trust teachers

Im a mother of a 10 year old hes been on medication for about 2 months but instead of improving i can say hes worsening.our problems are at school. Unfortunally in this new school im seeing new behaviors not sure if because he sees them in other kids or whats the reason.yesturday i got a note from teacher he finished his classwork [math]when i checked it answers were wrong? Im tired of trusting teachers😭any suggestions.

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I would suggest talking to the dr. and see if his meds needs an adjustment. Medication is everchanging for mutiple reasons. You will find one that works eventually. Being in a new school I'm sure is a huge adjustment in itself! If he's not on a IEP, I would encourage to start one and build those relationships with the teachers of his needs. If he is , then I would ask for a meeting with all his teachers. My son will try to sit there and pretend he's doing the work and it's never gets done, he's 11 and is on medicine. Some days just require more prompting than others and have expressed this his teachers. Or maybe ask the teachers what you can do home to help him succeed.


Yes hes in IEP but its also stressful to be on teachers..thanks will speak with his psych.


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