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Hello All,

Our 13 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with ADHD/ inattentive type. I need something for her to read about this at her level. Something not too technical and not to 'scared'. Any sugggestions??

Thanks in advance.

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  • There is a YouTube channel called how to ADHD with a young woman that is great. I'd pick one that u r comfortable with.

  • THANK YOU SO Very Very Much!!

  • There is a really good website that has really good info on books and info for families and educators. The website is The easiest way to find the list of books on their site is to do a google search for "good ADHD books for teen girls" the website should be at the top. If not I've attached the link. I also like the YouTube channel that Loriss recommended too. Check out the video she made for her mom at Mother's Day, it brought tears to my eyes but it made me feel better for everything I have done and do for my daughter. No matter what society says about ADD/ADHD and medication.

  • THANK YOU So Very Very Much!!

  • Thank you, we were wondering the exact same thing for our just diagnosed 9 year old son!

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