Any ideas pls

Hi i am a mum of 13 year old boy with adhd i am not show but also thing he showing sign off odd as he is very defient and smash thing up when he gets upset or angry if he can do what he wants

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  • Hi mini12, thank you for coming to ADHD Parents Together for support! Other parents in the community have reported that physical activity such as sports has helped their children blow off excess energy, is your child involved in any such activities?

  • Hi calvinhu yes he goes to foot ball every day but he really just doesnt follow rules that the hards part for me he same at school as well thank you for getting in touch

  • My son who is also 13 with ADHD/ODD. He was 5 when he was diagnosed. Started with medication when he was 8. I feel with you. My son is in activities. Team activities are hard for him to follow the rules. School is also too. What works for us is routine and consequence.My son has missed many school trips, and activities because of his actions. It is a long road and a lot of up hill battles. We still have issues but with the routine, consequence and medication things are getting better.

  • Hi Mini12-

    Our son had similar characteristics. In 6th grade we took him to Mensah Medical in Chicago and found out he had Pyroluria. Treatment with prescription vitamins made a huge difference. Also diet makes a huge difference. Eliminating gluten, dairy and food dyes was huge. We now also eliminate natural flavors because in the US these are essentially the same as artificial flavors and, like dyes, they lower our son's zinc levels. Good luck!

  • Un fortunely i live in the uk and there isnt really any support with adhd or odd so that why i joined this group to see if it was helpful i give him mutivitams and he is a really picky eater all he ever whats to eat is pasta and cheese it so annoying but i give him it thank you for you repied x

  • Picky eating is very typical for these kids. You might want to try substituting a gluten free pasta for the wheat-based ones. Corn/quinoa based pastas are delicious.

    Spend a little time perusing this site

    It would be so convenient if all problems would go away with a multivitamin! But we are not all the same. I would encourage you to look into Pyroluria. Treatment is easy and the results for us were dramatic.

  • Hi,

    I have a five year old who is also a tremendously picky eater. Historically, he's had trouble with food. Now his issues are more sensory based. He will gag strongly if he has to try certain foods. He also has a dairy allergy, which complicates things further. He can't drink Lactaid. He can only have soy milk, almond milk, etc. He used to love eating cheese until we discovered his allergy, but imitation cheese he will eat now has zero nutritional benefits. It's simply a stomach filler. So, we took a hard look at David's vitamin input. We noticed he wasn't getting enough Vitamin D or calcium, so we talked to his doctor, and he said it was okay to put him on a multivitamin and a supplement for that. The doctor also agreed to an Omega 3 supplement.

    We work hard every day to get extra protein into our son's diet. In his alternative milks, we'll often include some vegan protein mix in it to bolster the total protein just a bit. When it comes to dinner, we've found giving him a weighted lap blanket to wear helps him sit still enough to eat. We require that he at least tries everything. If he does, we'll offer him alternatives that he likes as long as he has something from the required food group.

    By try, we tell our son he doesn't even have to swallow. He just has to taste it. And if he doesn't like it, or he thinks he'll gag, he can spit it out. That's how we got him to eat green beans. Now he's a green bean eating champ. It's just everything else he won't eat.

    I'm not sure if any of this helps for you since your kiddo is twelve years old, but I really understand your struggle, and I hope describing what we do has helped.

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