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Orgasm Pain?

Hi everyone :)

I've been diagnosed adenomyosis for around six months now, but I've been suffering with pelvic pain for years. I've also been diagnosed with endometriosis and have some polycystic ovaries, but not PCOS. I had a lap in Oct. 2017 and had some endometriosis tissue removed, but before my op I had the most incredible pain post-orgasm. It was like a massive period cramp that eventually went away, but it was really uncomfortable. After my op and since starting pregabalin (for anxiety) I stopped getting the pain, only an occasional 'tightness' straight afterward that went away almost immediately. However, over the past few months, my pain has been getting worse and worse, back to how it was before my operation. I'm at uni and I'm dating now, but I feel like I'm doomed to have a failed sex life. I'm in agony after one simple orgasm. Has anyone else had similar issues? How did you overcome them? I'm honestly fairly desperate!

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