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Hey all I just wanted to get some advice/feedback,

I had A diagnostic lap on the 15th of Jan after an appointment at a different hospital then I was under(I was getting nowhere with the originally hospital)

to look for endometriosis.

It didn’t show any endometriosis which was good but also a bit frustrating as it didn’t help explain why I’m having the problems I am 😞

At my appointment with the gyne he did mention adenomyosis and said he wanted to get me rescanned so I think he want to look into this.

My question is what symptoms had you been having before diagnosis? How was your adenomyosis diagnosed?

Thanks for the help just trying to get some more info I don’t know much about adenomyosis/how its diagnosed x

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I had a laparoscopy where my surgeon said my uterus was bulky and spongy so he suspected adenomyosis. Since then, I have had a private ultrasound transvaginal scan with very modern equipment which shows a high probability of me having adenomyosis because my uterus looked swollen on there. I think both my lap and my scan together shows a very high probability that I have adeno. I would look into having an ultrasound transvaginal internal scan that can pick up the likelihood of adeno and the size of the uterus.


Hi Karlyh,

Mine was diagnosed by ultrasound but I understand not everyone’s can be seen on a US. Another way is by MRI but most people do not find out until they have a hysterectomy and when they test in pathology.

I looked at the symptoms on m.adenomyosisadviceassociat... which is a great site for adenomyosis sufferers ☺️


Thank you for your help :) I had an Ultrasound on Thursday so will be getting results on Wednesday so will see what they say x


Fingers a crossed for you hun! 🤞🏼☺️