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Adenomyosis and pregnancy

Hi everyone :)

It's great to find a little place where people understand, eh! I've got a couple of questions I wonder if you could help me with please?

My endo has been strangely behaving of late, and I'm wondering whether this is because we had a miracle and were pregnant last March, but we miscarried in May, and I'm blaming the adeno and my massive uterus. The sonographer thought I had a molar pregnancy because of the state of it, but it was all my thick, hideous uterus. Does anyone know whether an adeno-filled uterus could successfully house a baby to term? Be honest, please. And surely it won't contract properly? It doesn't on a monthly basis - so am I going to bleed out if I do actually manage to get to term?

Also, does anyone else have the congested pelvis syndrome/varicose veins in your abdomen thing? It's really adding to the heaviness down there, which is giving me bad circulation in my legs. I get an eczema every month on my lower shins, compression stockings really help push the circulation back up!

It's funny, I just try my hardest to crack on with it, but writing to people who know what it's like makes me desperate for a 'there there'! Pathetic, I know! I just never get it, because people just don't understand. I just want a baby so badly, and I'm so completely sick of my stupid cycle and stupid parts, and if I'm not going to get pregnant then my heart will break, but I'll rip that stupid uterus out myself! And good riddance it will be!

Thanks for listening to my babbling and thanks for your help!

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Hi. Just came across your post. A bit late but thought to share.

I have both Endo and adeno , have had it for 35 years! I have managed to have a full term pregnancy so it is possible.

Be blessed!