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Exercise with adenomyosis

Hello , I'm a newbie be patient with me . 

I have adenomyosis and have suffered years of pain and heavy periods . So I'm currently on cerazette that controls the periods but not as good as it used too . I've put a lot of weight on and it seems to be less effective .? So now trying to loose weight so I've start running again but the only thing it is that when I run it brings a bleed ? Doesn't last long . 

Does this happen to anyone else ? 

Had scan in January everything ok just showing the fan pattern in the womb the radiologist was lovely gave me more information then I've had after four scans . 

If anyone has any advice on how they cope with adenomyosis I'd love to hear them 

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Hi KittyKatt. I hope you are feeling better now.

Do you still feel these symptoms