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post- thrombosis syndrome

I have post- thrombosis syndrome and in the past had two operations (not in UK). After visiting the GP told me that the problems of the veins should I go to a private specialist. If anyone knows how to get me to a specialist in the NHS then I will be very grateful. And yet I had a disability because of the problem and now it is canceled, who of experts can give an report to the GP.

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Hi Vadym

My brother has this problem and the NHS are reluctant to do anything unless his condition and quality of life worsen. The GP was correct and my brother is considering paying for private treatment if his condition gets any worse. I would suggest you go back to your GP and ask for a referral to a hospital to see a consultant. They will carryout an assessment on a treadmill to see how bad your condition is. Thrombosis syndrome is a common problem and to help the forum could you answer the following questions?

How old are you?

Do you smoke or did you smoke?

Is your BMI within the normal range?

Do you have family history of thrombosis?

How is the condition affecting your quality of life?

How far can you walk before the need to rest?

The members of the forum maybe able to help more with information about you!


Dear Firemansam,

Thank you for your response. Will do my best to describe the situation in which I found myself. I am 48 years old, I do not smoke or drink alcohol. My index BMI 40.76. I gained weight in the last 2-3 years because of the low-mobility. My parents had a problem with the veins as I do. 27 years ago I had two operations on his left leg and has since tried to keep it as a foot in the way. Recent years, I mostly worked on my feet (on a fishing boat, construction ...). More than two years ago, I had another surgery on my right foot, I cut bursitis and at the same time, I got arthritis (knee pain) and I started having problems with his left foot. Foot swells in 5-10 minutes after the walk and bandaging does not help much, because if I put a bandages on leg then I have cramps in the foot if not bandaging it quickly swells and it's hard to walk, the foot is like a weight(plus knee pain) . Several times I have encountered ulcers and bleeding (2-3 years ago). Two years ago I received a disability but recently got a renew form to update my disability and then DLA canceled it. I filed an appeal and is now waiting for the tribunal. I have no opinions from doctors or specialists NHS records except that I had when that transaction. When I access a GP told me that with venous problems I need to seek private specialists. I would like to get advice on how I recover my disability and whether there is an opportunity for a free or budgeting treatments my problems.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Vadym,

I’m sorry to hear about your illness and medical problems and from reading your comments, I have deduced that you require some help on how you recover your disability and what medical treatment is available either free or on a budget.

Have you contacted the Citizen Advice who can give you free advice on your disability and how to raise your case at the appeal stage?

If you are unable to get treatment on the NHS you could consider going aboard for the treatment and this would work out cheaper than private treatment but could still be expensive. I hope there maybe someone else who could offer some other ideas on your situation.

I hope you are successful on your appeal and that you can get help to sought out your medical problems.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful


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