patients limited to one strength of warfarin tablet

ACE has been receiving reports from patients that they are being limited to being prescribed only one strength of tablet. Sometimes only 1mg. This is very unsatisfactory, particularly for people on high doses of warfarin. The reason given is that it reduces prescribing errors. ACE feels we should be looking at better education for patients, nurses and pharmacists rather than limiting the tablets prescribed. Having to take large numbers of tablets for a single dose may also have an affect on compliance.

2 Replies

  • This is appalling and needs reporting to someone!

  • That is a disgrace! I am on 8mg a day and the thought of trying to swallow 8 tablets at a time is awful. That would lead to far more mistakes in my opinion, the more tablets you have to take means a wider margin of error, it would be so easy to lose count.

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