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Flying long haul


I've had three previous DVTS. I'm on rivaroxaban for life now.

What's people's views on long haul flying.

I am aware you can still get blood clots whilst on blood thinners.

All my three clots were accounted for pill, pregnancy and flying.

I have factor 5 Leiden blood clotting abnormality.

Noone told me after my second DVT I would need tinzaparin if I flew more than 3.5 hours.


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I think you should get out there and live your life as you wish and life's too short to worry about things like that!

I'm on rivaroxaban as well indefinitely.

tracey13 in reply to Hidden

I've still been flying only short flights I've been ok.

I do suffer from post thrombotic syndrome and that really can be so uncomfortable in my leg.

The three dvts I've had were all accountable due to having the factor 5 Leiden.


Have you been tested for sticky blood it’s a test where you have to be tested 6 weeks apart

People with that syndrome have to be on Warfarin with an INR around 3.5

Please see the sticky blood site on here also the GHIC Web site on here you will get loads of information on it.

I have factor 5 Leiden too

I have on several long haul flights

Drink plenty fluids , no alcohol move around the plane, wear flight socks. I have injections to take with me if my INR is too low.

I am sure their is more but my memory has been affected by this condition,

tracey13 in reply to daisyd

I don know about sticky blood.

I've had factor 5 Leiden for over 31 years now.

I just know you can still get blood clots when on blood thinners.


I had a PE and was on rivaroxaban, l have since completed several long haul flights (9 hours) l asked my consultant about fly Long haul. I was told to drink plenty of water as it thins the blood and walk around and to excise the legs. Just relax and enjoy.

not Everyone gets tested for this might be worth asking Enjoy your holiday

Ask your GP about having a Lovenox injection before long flights. I go into the office the day before and have this done. The peace of mind is priceless.

Never heard of this injection. I do take blood thinners for life now.

Does Xarelto change the risk at all since it is more stable than warfarin? Or would the Lovenox injections still be helpful? I have to travel long distances for work, and have a long haul flight coming up in a couple weeks which will be scary now after my DVT/PE diagnosis last week. My doc said it should be fine if I follow the water/sock/movement regimen, but I still worry, obviously...

I was told xaltro isn't 100% you can still get blood clots when on blood thinners.

I dink plenty of water and always wear flight socks.

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