I was told on Friday just gone I have dvt from my right knee up into my stomach and now I'm on Apixaban.

I was unable to walk or do anything for myself for just over 5 weeks and since I was told it was dvt my head has been all over the place with "what ifs" and "How did it happen" I'm also worried to go to my gp about my sleepless nights due to my worries as they put down "knee pain" back in July and treated me as if I was exaggerating.

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  • If you were diagnosed by a hospital, they will have sent details to your GP and he/she will be in the 'know'. I would advise that you make a long appointment with your GP and build up a strong relationship with the surgery who, if you are discharged from outpatients, will be responsible for your ongoing health. Don't feel embarassed, one of my support units is my GP and surgery and the practice nurses. They will be taking blood tests etc. I assume in the future, so be straight with them and tell them all your thoughts. Sleeplessness is not uncommon in this case and it's important to get good rest in recovery. I still suffer with anxiety after my dtv and pe 4 years ago. I find that 'mindfulness' is helpful, but they should be aware of your worries.

  • Sorry to hear about your dvt, I know its very frustrating, when you been complaining and they take it as nothing, the good thing it they have found its a dvt and are treating it, I gather its a unprovoked one (meaning no injury caused it, ) which means you will need to see a hematologist the hospital should have done a referral if not check with your GP as jack advised you see your GP as soon as possible, now he knows what you have , he should be able to inform you more, also are your legs swelling? If so you need compression stocking help with your blood circulation, I know it can be worrying, but we are the lucky ones it be diagnosed and are be ing treated, I was diagnosed with pe on my left lung first couple of weeks very scary but decided if I.wake every morning I am blessed, take care

  • Thank you and yes it's an unprovoked one and it's my thigh that is very swollen but thank you for your kind words

  • Lopat My other have has just been diagnosed with pe Friday just gone. He's got it in his groin and lung. I am so worried it's just terrifying. What treatment did they give u? How do U feel now? I hope u don't mind me asking I'm just so worried about him

  • Tracyja41 the hospital put me on Apixaban for 3 month's to start with but iv got to see a doctor at the hospital to see if they can find a reason for the dvt, I'm feeling better than I have done in the last 6 weeks I'v still got a swollen thigh but that should go down in time, I still have those "what ifs" times. I hope this little bit I could tell you helps in some way.

  • Thank you @DindaParlett I hope u r feeling better soon.

  • Omg so sorry to hear tracy, is he in hospital? He will obe getting injections for next veiw day, then most probaly on to oral, i know you must be worrying but please dont as the strees is not good for either of you your getting the treatment needed, if you both not in hospital then thats a good sign, , the best thing to do is keep yourself busy, the first 2 weeks are hardest but your waking up breathing everyday thats good , depending on how big the clots are it can take upto 6 months to fully dissolve, try keep active as possible, if you can swim or ride bike do it or even a good hour walk at a steady pace however if it makes you breathless stop, their not much we can do but wait for the blood thinners to work, but if you feel your not too good just go straight to ae or phone nhs 111, hope all is well its 6 weeks since i been diagnosed, just had a 2 week short haul flight holiday with children, going back work 2 moro take care and let me know you and husband are ok

  • Thank you @lopat my husband is still in hospital he is a lot of pain. They are talking about doing an operation on him to suck the blood clot out of his tummy where there are lots of risk involved but they think my husband will be low risk so they are going to go ahead with this ! I'm just so scared and worried for him. Has anyone else had this procedure? I can't help but think the worse! 😞😞. Thank you for ur kind words though.

  • I had the tpa treatment to dissolve the large blood clots in both lungs. They go in through the groin with a probe that has the tpa medicine in it. This is supposed to dissolve the blood clots. The doctor said you have scar tissue after recovery. I keep asking about either a chest X-ray or cat scan to see what is doing in my lungs. The doctor said it is not necessary.

  • Thank you for your kind words

  • Hi DindaParlett , If you feel that way about the way your gp treats your problems then I'd either change my gp or get a second opinion. Don't let them do this to you because you deserve better than that, as you are in pain, not them. You could always file a complaint & if worried about that, then get advice from a Citizens advice bureau, if there is one where you live or check them out on line. ~Big Hug sent from me to you, hope you feel better soon!!!


  • My other half went to the hospital with pains they told him he had pulled thigh and stomach muscles and sent him home. A week later he was vomiting and in excruciating pain so went back to a&e at a different hospital where they diagnosed the blood clot! We were so angry!! But now they are doing what they can for him. He's having an op today to suck the blood clot from his stomach I was wondering if anyone else might of had this op? It's a new'ish thing apparently.

  • If his having a operation to suck out the clot it must be pretty big , this is not usually done unless absolutely necessary, however , the good thing you will know the clot gone , hope all goes well

  • Hi I’ve had DVT since July, 12cm clot in my left calve. The hospital put me on apixaban for 3 months . During this time I’ve had 2 ultrasounds to see how things are going. The last one was at the end of the third month it should only a very minute blockage still there, so I’ve been kept on apixaban for another 3 months. I’m feeling ok although my ankle swells up when I do a lot of walking around. It’s been a worry as they were no reason for the DVT, but as others have said its a blessing to wake up each morning. I wake up every morning to my alarm playing Celina Dion song I’m alive. I’m 62 yrs old and now want try to live life to the full ( it’s been a wake up call for me) . ENJOY your life while you can!!!

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