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I have had two DVT's in my left leg and my lower leg ankle area keeps swelling up when I do light exercise e.g. Sequence dancing. I bought a pair of the above tights and wore them last Sunday and my left ankle did not swell as much however when I went to bed I had really bad leg cramps in both of my legs. Have any other forum members tried these tights or other compression stockings?

Separately I finally got an appointment with a Haematologist ( I waited 6 - months ) and attended and had 8 blood samples taken which are being tested to try to identify what is causing these unprovoked DVT issues. I will update the forum member's after my next visit to see the consultant in early July when the results of the blood tests will be back.

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  • I had same problem support tights make me have chronic pain when I take them of so now don't wear.

    I can only do little things now as leg hurts 24/7. Had 5plus dvts which have caused post thrombotic syndrome where leg is so damaged inside it causes me constant chronic pain now so virtually house bound.

    Stay strong I know how you feel and you're not alone karen

  • Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi! I can't do without my stockings now, like you i've had multiple DVT's in both legs. my legs hurt and swell without them i've suffered from PTS horribly.

    persevere with them, get measured properly by your nurse every 6 months, there are different colours and materials to choose from just find what suits you. also hand wash them putting them in the machine will ruin the elastic.

    keep us posted!

  • Thanks for the reply, does the nurse measure you for the Scholl Compression Tights or ones that the NHS supply? I will try any type of stocking or medication to stop the night cramps. I have an appointment with Haematologist to provide feedback on the blood tests I had taken in May, when I saw him last time he stated they would also tell me the best anticoagulant to take for the rest of my life. I was on Warfarin but it was switched to Rivaroxaban in Jan 2017 and although Riva is user friendly I am not sure that it is working as well as the Warfarin did. Will update the forum.

  • hey, i get mine from my pharmacy there's a few different brand names i just take what i'm given lol but honestly keep trying them all, i get measured every 6 months ive got mediums and large pairs its trial and error, for the cramps ask your doctor for a magnesium drink, 2 sachets a day then you can reduce it down to one a week if required it's worked a miracle for mine i never need it now, however it does induce the poops so stop until you're normal then resume if you need its peach flavour too so it's pleasant.

    i'm on riva' for life now i got bad headaches at the start but now i'm fine i take it every morning, however my specialist doc told me to take it with food as on an empty stomach i'm only getting 60% of the medicine but i hate eating in the morning, i tried later in the day but because of my scatty lifestyle (i'm a carer so work evenings) i was missing doses and taking it at different times of day.

    hope i've helped a bit? :)

  • Thanks for the reply.

  • Thanks to all forum members for the replies.