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1 year on from proximal DVT

Hi All

I'm new on here but happy to share my experiences of DVT treated by thrombolysis for 24 hours and operation to insert 2 stents. Now taking Warfarin probably for life.

I still have what doctors have said is nerve damage to my foot. Feels like walking on permanent lump under foot but nothing there.

Aches and pains including pulsating my thigh.

My leg was swollen to three times it's size because when I arrived in casualty I was given fluids for low BP and due to the clot this fluid stayed in my leg, to the point my foot was numb.

I did manage to keep a sense of humour and can see the funny side of the nurse telling me he was newly trained and the only time he had seen clots was in a post mortem

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Hi - that made me chuckle - at least you were better off than his last patient!

On-going pain and discomfort in the leg seems to be common to many people on here. I still get pain in my thigh and swelling of ankle and sometimes knee in (only) the same leg as DVT 3 years ago. I've had various investigations, nerve conduction, Doppler to check circulation etc, all normal but it still hurts. However it's not going to stop me from doing anything so life goes on. My doctor just agrees it's "something to do with the DVT" but doesn't know what.

Hope life is returning to normal (or what has become normal!) for you too.

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Hello , sounds awful 😞 I've got a pulsating thigh as I've said above it seems to get worse at certain times if the month !

Emma x


That made me laugh too. my clot was through my leg I'm on coumadin for life as well but its been 4 years since my injury and I'm great. The best thing for my pain was walking it out. I healed from a fully dislocated knee with all kinds of vascular damage too. I know that all pain is different but walking at least 20 minutes a day made all the difference for me:) I hope your pain gets better...wishing you all the best


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