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Rivaroxaban - rectal bleeding?

Hi all, has anyone experience rectal bleeding whilst on Rivaroxaban? I've been on this drug for a couple of months now during which time my belly, ankles and feet have swollen and refuse to go down despite a fairly high dose of Furosemide. My belly feels rock hard which I always thought meant internal bleeding, although GP didn't comment when she examined me. And now today I've started bleeding from my rectum - initially on passing a stool but it's carried on a bit every time I sit on the loo. Reading the patient information leaflet - which I wish I'd done weeks ago - the symptoms seem to fit, including nose bleeds and bleeding gums which I'm also getting.

For background, I'm housebound with terminal Sarcoidosis/Pulmonary Fibrosis om oxygen 24/7. Will be calling the doctor in the morning, but looking for some reassurance that I won't bleed to death overnight I guess!

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Bless if you are bleeding so much that you are scared for your life, I would phone the Doctor tonight or an ambulance

The drug you mention is fairly new so definitely phone the Doctor in the am and don't worry if you have to before, hope you feel better soon


I've been on rivoxaban for a year now and I've had no bleeding at all.

You need to go and get checked out.



Doctor is coming out to see me this afternoon. My comment about bleeding to death wasn't a serious one, it stopped overnight anyway.


Hi Sammy. I have only been on Rivaroxaban for 2 weeks and haven't had any side effects so far. The leaflet does say rectal bleeding and bleeding gums is fairly common but I guess the swelling may be something else. It will be interesting to know what your GP says. How long was it before you had any side effects on this drug. I'm wondering what to expect myself.

I hope it clears up and you are soon feeling better.



Hi Dave, it was a couple of weeks before I started swelling up, so I guess it may be unrelated. Especially as the doc says I have...............a haemorrhoid! Doh! Still going to switch back to the injections though as I feel I tolerated them better.


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