Mothers Stroke

My mother 75yrs old had a stroke from carotid Artery which 50% Blocked both sides.

Put on Clopidogrel 75mg .After seeing the specialist she has never been told what

vegetables she can eat she seems to assume she cannot eat anything with vitamin K ie Dark green vegetables have asked by letter to consultant but never replies to her.

She has got info on the internet that cannot eat the following


Brussel sprouts




Kale Parsley

Also No fish Supplements

Salmon or fatty fish

no vitamin E.

Does anyone know where we can find the facts on what you can and cannot eat

in a leaflet as this should have been explained by the consultant to my mother when put on


Any ideas ,Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    I replied to a similar question recently...

    I had a cvst in 2014... form of stroke...age 49.

    I was prescribed warfarin amongst other things ...and the initial advice related to vitamin k...pretty much what you have listed plus blue cheese, avocados and chick peas. However, as a vegetarian I would have several of these all in one meal, sometimes several times a day was told not to worry....continue the good, varied diet and they would adjust my doses accordingly.

    I'd ask your local nurses for more advice.

    Good luck


  • Hi Moo196

    thanks for sharing your

    story i hope things are going well for you.

    That is a sensible answer too, i will contact

    the ward nurse .

    Good health to you

  • clopidogrel is not warfarin . There are no dietary restrictions other than avoid grapefruit juice. Your mother has obviously researched warfarin. She does not need to worry about her diet.

  • Hi wagnerm ,Thank-you for your reply it does appear to be the case

    she has seemed to confuse the Anti-platelet therapy with Warafin therapy.

    Good luck.

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