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Does anyone else suffer with psychological damage from DVT/PE? I have knee problems which refer pain to my calf it's quite debilitating and painful, but still DVT enters my head, along with my Dr's always sending me for bloods & scans to 'make sure'

It's driving me nuts!

I'd love to ignore it all BUT i ignored my last DVT for 2weeks passing it off as cramp, it could have killed me at any time.

I'd love to hear from you all, feeling very alone.

Much love xx

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Do not feel alone! Certainly, you are not alone with your worries and anxiety.

An episode of DVT is extremely serious and leaves psychological 'scars' that are extremely difficult to ignore.

I have similar worries myself with the associated pain that I experience.

Have you had a consult with a Haematologist? Perhaps knowing that you are on the most appropriate anticoagulant treatment available (there are alternatives to warfarin) might help with your peace of mind?

Good luck and God bless!

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I am also on Warfarin, because of a PE/DVT, And like you I am also paranoid about getting another one because I ignored it before. I keep getting g told that with the filter they put it and the warfarin it is almost impossible to have another one. But it still doesn't stop me from panicking at every pain in the leg that had the DVT.


Yes was very low after my Left DVT and struggled to cope, psychologically and still fear - I had multiple PE as well - I worry about the risk of future PE and recurrence of DVT / Exercise ability etc


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