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want the facts about inr star

i do not like computers running my life, but my doctors are saying that i have to use inr star but i dont want to be on it is there anything apart from leave the surgery to get them to gp dose, i am sorry if anyone doesnt agree but a computer i have here cannot tell me how to run my life let alone keep my bloods to the correct levels

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I am very new to this site and A.F. What is inr star? Agree about computers but now over the last few days have found more support than anywhere else. Good luck.


I haven't heard of INR STAR and having checked their website it wasn't clear to me how it works from the patients perspective. I am a self-tester and their website only states that I would provide my data to my health care center by telephone, email or website. In fact I do this via an Excel spreadsheet. So I am not too sure how you would be using this service on your own computer or if it is just your aversion to computers in general.


I totally agree. I have been on Warfarin for 15 years and until May had only 2 bleeps in my INR. I needed to take a large amount of pain killers for an injury and my INR went haywire. With the GP calculating my dose my INR would have been corrected in a couple of weeks. I am having to be tested weekly as my INR is now too low. 15 weeks have gone by and the computor says 25 mg a week and I have always taken 30 mg per week. I feel I know my own body..


INR Star is being used by the practice nurses to calculate my wife's Warfarin dose. It seems to be that is very, very, very (very) conservative in the dose changes it comes up with. So much so that her INR is now down to 1.3 (and this is on weekly testing).

Still, it gives us a good case to request a shift to a NOAC, which we're off to see the GP for tomorrow.

(Age 61, bilateral extensive PE 8 weeks ago. Factor V Leiden deficiency, previous PE 42 years ago, now lifetime anticoag)


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