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Warfarin and elective surgery

Following some tests, I've been informed I need to undergo some minor surgery but also that it will involve several days as an inpatient because I have a mechanical heart valve and they need to take me off Warfarin.

I self-test and my INR is well managed, on top of that I've spent more than enough time in hospital over the past few years so I'd much rather do this as an outpatient. Does anyone else have similar experience? It now seems that things have just stalled because I asked the clinic to go and speak to my cardiologist, but I'm concerned this could lead to something more serious and the delay will only exacerbate that.


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When I had an op I was changed over to Clexane for a short while, I would also ask someone at the department to deal with your Warfarin


I've self-administered Clexane in the past as an outpatient, I'm confused why they can't just do that again. Did you do this as an inpatient? They're talking maybe two days as an inpatient either side of a minor operation, which seems a little excessive...


I also have a mechanical mitral valve (Medtronic) replacement since "98" I've been hospitalized many times and had several major surgeries, I also self check my INR it is well controlled, 5-7 days prior to scheduled surgery, I stop my Coumadin, when my INR is at 2 or below I start lovenox injections, have the surgery, then continue with the lovenox and restart the Coumadin until back in my normal range 2.5-3.5, I have had no problems doing this at home. The very best of luck to you!


Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I thought should happen, I think they're just being a bit over-cautious after nearly killing me a couple of years ago :)

Much appreciated.

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