Hi my husband is recovering from a Pulmaray Embulisum which happened 4 weeks a go no waring. just collapsed. When taken to A&E Consultant did ECG and blood tests which came back normal. so discharged from hospital but walking down corridor became breathless . so nurses sent him back Triarge nurse suspected PE and was brilliant with all tests.

after few days in hospital he is home and recovering slowly as it has really shocked him as hes a fit and active 65 yearold.'

he is now on warfrin and its steady so pleased with that. Went to see consultant today and he didnt seem concerened left leg is swollen and has been since day after he came out hospital. Also when asked when could he drive again he said when he felt well but not to far then said he didnt knowif he had to check with DvlA .sAID SEE YOU IN COUPLE MONTHS. WE WERE CONFUSED.


My hubbie getting anxious as hes consultant is respitary specialist . We dont know whats normal for this condition.

we both feeling down as should have gone to Greece today for a month and had to cancel. can someone re assure us please

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  • Hello

    as a newly diagnosed DVT 55 yr old patient, i too had some dark moments.

    The scans will hopefully identify the problem area and if you are on WARFRIN this is a very good drug.

    Whilst the swelling may persist the INR tests will help the specialists treat your good man with the correct dosage and get the blood flow to the therapeutic manageable range .

    Anxiety is normal and i after 2 months with this problem still get anxious but have been assured by the medical specialists.

    I too had dizzy spells and just feeling low but with moral support from my good lady and friends are slowly dealing with it.

    This website is amazing as well for inspiration,information,following and supporting others.

    We wish you quick stability and good health.


  • Hello Malsue

    Just following up on how your husband is faring.

    best regards

  • had a traumatic day last week . WEnt see consultant respitory due to Embulism. said had arranged scan for heart in couple weeks.We said we werent happy with malcs leg as it was very swollen and this was since the day after he came out hospital. was told its nothing he would see us after heart scan in couple months. when we got home had a message needed go next day to A&E TO X RAY DEPT THEN AROUND TO AMU AT 1.30PM

    We didnt know what for after whole afternoon being messed about as some didnt know we were coming for scan on leg. went AMU AND WAS TOLD WAITING FOR YOU . We sat 2 hrs waiting for doc who said he had another dvt in leg and she need to keep in him for more blood teasts to eliminate other things. He was very upset and took alot of persuading.

    Anyway all bloods are ok so uped warfrin level to 3 tp 4 range. New consultant Heamotology said someone may get in touch as specialist coming to area.

    when discharged next day told to get a compression stocking may help leg ring GP for 1. not practical as he cant drive I dont drive and Docs wont just give you 1 with out seeing them. lucky eneough he has his from op about 4 years ago.

    Heart scan next week. he seems a lot better and pottering up and down garden dead heading flowers and even watering. he got wait couple weeks to drive . His confidence is slowly coming back , But feel system doesnt tell us anything.

    we are keeping positive and getting lots support from our Church (malc doesnt do services but always helping)


    we will eventualy get our holiday

  • Yes it is really a scary and Traumatic journey to be on and i do wish you both well. I do agree one is never told enough about what is happening but glad to hear that he is up and about, that is a good thing but elevated leg rest is good at the day end.

    Once they have got the INR range stable the next best is patience and time as it is a slow process but he will get there.

    I do pray they advise you about dietary habits as this does affect the way the medication works.

    I found a website Dr. Gourmet which gives you a basic guideline on what is or is not good, but your GP or specialist would be the best person to get advice from.

    We wish you goood results and a complete recovery.

    I live in a 3rd world country but the Dr's here do their best but information i found was from the web.

    Take care and keep us posted.


  • Hi Malsue

    Sounds as though you have had a really scary time but I'm glad to hear your husband is beginning to get back to normal. I noticed in your update you mentioned compression stockings, and that you found some that you had from a previous op. When you are prescribed stockings for a DVT, you need to be measured by a nurse (at your surgery) so that the right size of stockings are prescribed, and also the right type; I would advise you to see your GP and arrange this as old stockings from a while ago will not be the right size or type and therefore probably ineffective. You mentioned that your husband can't drive at present so it's not possible for you to get to the surgery. I know that it's possible to get transport to hospital in most areas when you are in this situation (I had to do this myself as my husband is visually impaired so not a driver). You could ring the surgery to ask if this is possible for a trip to the surgery, and if not, the alternative is to ask for a home visit from the district nurse who should be able to measure for stockings. It is important to get the right treatment so worth pursuing.

    Hope your husband is continuing to improve.

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