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Protein s deficiency


Was diagnosed with DVT and been on Heparin (now off) and Warfarin for nearly two months out of a three month treatment time. There was no obvious reason for the DVT and all the main factors were ruled out and I'm an active 36 yr old. My GP sent me for a lot of blood tests and I believe they took about ten samples out of me. Not sure what tests were down but the results have come back and I have low protein C and deficient in protein S. Any info regarding these would be much appreciated as my GP seems a little out of his depth and doesn't really know what to do next. As all he has said to me is next time I have a meeting with the clinic is to get them to look at the blood tests and see if i need to see a consultant.

Many thanks.

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Hello richyb78, funnily enough I had read / come across the below Web article a couple of days ago - hopefully it will be of some help / interest to you?


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