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20yr old leg swelling needs moved to hospital with scanner but not getting moved

Good Morning

RE; How safe is it for his leg to continue to swell for what is now 5th to 11th July and be in a hospital which does not have the equipment necessary to treat him?

So am I making a fuss about nothing or should I be concerned as to the outcome medically if treatment and scan is delayed?


I have a 20 year old taken into hospital in UK Saturday 5th July.

He has a blood clot in the thigh

The entire leg is getting bigger by the day

He has been on a medical assessment unit until last night 10th July when he was supposed to be moved to another hospital which can do a scan the current hospital can not do - doppler blood flow already done.

The other hospital can not/will not take him until Sunday I was told this last night (Thursday 10th) as I was leaving and do not know if that is due to lack of bed space or Best Care for Patient- BCFP would seem to suggest he is moved and treated not left with his leg swelling in pain until Sunday.

So far he has gone into hospital on Saturday 5th July by ambulance in extreme pain and nearly passed out.

He was taken to Medical Assessment unit.

He has been there receiving a blood thinner and antibiotics for an unknown infection which result in recurring high temperatures-temp normal for 2 days - no idea what infection was or source of it.

He had a pressure stocking put on his Non Clot leg at 7pm last night 10th and not on the clot leg as they could not get a stocking for him in the size he needs - leg so swollen he needs a bigger size.

I am going to ring his hospital this morning at 9am as the doctors should be in by then and also ring non admitting hospital.

Pain in leg began before 5th and he had seen own GP on 4th July - pain before then but thought it was nothing major.

Advice really really needed please - Thank you

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I posted this on another page then found this page.

Since then i have rang and asked questions of the secretary who is polite and helpful.

I will see the consultant at 3pm today which suggests he will not be moved any earlier.

Still worried this is taking so long, surely it can only lead to more damage the longer his leg is swollen for?


Sounds like you're doing everything right. Definitely keep asking questions of doctors and nurses and repeat constantly. Explanations to you need to be in terms that you understand but also detailed. My recent experience as a hospital patient (bilateral multiple pulmonary embolism and left sided pneumonia) made me realise that hospital staff are human and can make mistakes; they can also become complacent in there work. Ask the same questions of different staff (doctors and nurses) to make sure you're all on the same sheet as it were. Keep asking what's going on and why? .... Being young should hopefully aid his recovery and I hope he feels better soon.


Hello Tadmad lol that username sounds a little like myself.

Thank you, slowing the doctors down is indeed need.

Thank you for your well wishes.


Keep at it "inHospitalnowScared." Sometimes [a lot of the time] the medical profession[s] need a reality check re. what's actually going on (with you and yours). Their perspective [doctors and nurses] is totally different from the health service user - to them it's just a job, not a vocation, just a job. To us it's our lives and/or the lives of our loved ones. Remember, keep asking questions that's what they're there for. Sometimes when doctors or nurses are asked to repeat what what they have just said they realise how non-sensical and/or ill-informed they sound. Answering pertinent questions requires joined-up-thinking; which with respect is something that drifts somewhat with many doctors and nurses - other priorities; end of shift, shopping, family and kids etc take precedence. It's a "big breaths and brace yourself Tilley" moment. He's 20, he needs a captain at the helm and you are that captain. Speak soon?


I have left this message on my 2 local news channels and alos on a politicans page and looking for more places to post, hopefully son will be well enough very soon to kick my bum for embarrassing him, "My 20 year old son has been in Craigavon hospital since the 5th of July very ill. on the 10th of July we were told he needed to be moved to RVH that night or next day, then told not enough staff to care for him there so not moved, would be moved this Sunday, now told tonight he may not get moved tomorrow depends if there is a bed for him. So do I just wait patiently while he continues to worsen or what on earth do I do, advice from anyone taken."


I'm sorry to hear about your 20 year old's thigh DVT. I had one of those in 2000 and was ignored both by my then GP who cynically suggested the swelling was "me playing football" (hint: I don't play football and I can't stand it either). But he stuck to his guns despite my insisting that it was a Blood clot, and it was 2003 before I finally saw a specialist who confirmed that the DVT was STILL in my thigh after being eventually scanned.

My advice is to keep complaining / fighting for the best healthcare you can get / follow your instincts - and leave no stone unturned. The delay in my treatment (3 - 4 years) left me with permanent damage to the valves in my left leg, resulting in oedema in my lower left leg / foot. That leg is also now permanently bigger than the right one and despite wearing compression socks swells up horribly every time I'm on my feet for several hours a day.

The good news is that your 20 year old is already in hospital - and as long as you metaphorically speaking, keep the relevant Consultants on their toes, proper healthcare should be shortcoming despite any present delays. Do not allow yourself to be fobbed off.

The Consultants DO NOT want to do that, but unfortunately, with a very top heavy NHS that spends an unimaginable amount of its financial resources on faceless administrators, little money, if any, is left for the healthcare of ordinary citizens in the UK.

The situation isn't helped by the assault of the existing coalition on the NHS, cutting available financial resources to the bone, closing A&E's left right and centre, while putting unimaginable pressure on the few A&E's left open.

NHS medical staff are all Heroes struggling along in the face of such adversity, and I know for a fact they're all cross with present reforms which are designed to ultimately hand over NHS healthcare to private concerns waiting in the background to make a killing financially.

Keep doing what you're doing - and that much needed healthcare and proper treatment in the hospital WILL be forthcoming. Good luck!


Hello DataOdyssey

" The delay in my treatment (3 - 4 years)"

I do not know what to say to that - just insane!

Well done for being persistent.

I hope things continue to improve for you



He is still in the same hospital he needs to be moved from.

Nurses and doctors all agree he should be in the other hospital but is not there because he needs to be assessed for a procedure which if it is done and goes wrong and they do not have full numbers of staff on that would be too dangerous.

So I said well move him for the scan and maybe he wont need the procedure- that was not really answered!

Leads me to believe the procedure is needed but they are not committing themselves, as other hospital will be doing it.

He is still in a lot of pain and the whole thing is very sad as he is being lead to believe it is caused by his lack of mobility, up to a few weeks ago he was very active, always walking then stopped because college stopped.

All blood tests come back clear but his dad had a clot at 50 and his grandmother too later in life.

He has 2 stockings now and his sense of humour is returning - temperature is normal which helps.

Procedure is (must ask name and have it spelt for me) a tube is put into his knee? and also into his abdomen and a filter is inserted so when the thinner is injected the blood clot does not cause problems else where - general gist details may be wrong but thinners and filter is correct.

Today when visiting we were told they would know tomorrow if he is going to be moved which surprised me as I thought the move was certain, I was told it depended on getting full staff in- they should know by now how many staff are on tomorrow so that is a surprise.

The clot must be very big as I have read a few posts and usually treatment seems very unhurried and injections, he is getting injections daily and 3 drips of anti coagulant a day and this procedure - maybe a big clot is a bad blessing as it is being dealt with.

My worry is the long term effect of the leg swelling for so long.

Replies here are very helpful Thank you


When he was a new born the fashion was to give vitamin K to new borns, I objected and refused and the doctor in maternity went nuts shouting about children having bleeds in their brains and vitaminK would stop that happening - I was absolutely bullied into him receiving vitamin K at that time.

I saw another post where some one mentioned vitamin K is given to stop bleeding, always felt really mad at that doctor for bullying me so close to his being born.

I usually fight my corner by had just given birth and she was actually screaming and shaking

Must remember to ask if vitamin K is still given to newborns - anyone know - very random but maybe someone does.


My advice is get your MP involved. See him personally at his surgery (the sooner the better) and emphasise your frustration at the lack of resources available and the stress it causes and how damaging it is. Also, get the local media involved - phone them or write a letter of concern and bewilderment at the reduced NHS facilities and resources - go as public as you can. And keep asking questions (why? what? where? when?). Let the hospital staff know you've gone public let them know that "there may be trouble ahead." I'd say good luck but I don't believe in luck per se - keep at it and make things happen. :-)


I put up a lot of facebook posts last night in both local TV news pages and hospital pages including the local politician who is the Health Minister. I am in NI so this is a Bank Holiday weekend so most staff are off.

Am on phone waiting for an answer but it is just ringing - to RVH to find out which other hospitals do this procedure so we can go to another hospital.

Important thing I told my son this is serious and he needs treated asap - treat him like the grown up he is not try to hidd information from him- can you imagine him being non plussed thinking no hurry because I didn't want to worry him then finding out he has life long problems because we sat back politely and waited,.

Better to tell him now and get him involved in his own care.


If any of the TV stations or newspapers do get in touch, I do not think they will as this is the July holiday in NI- does anyone object to my stating this site as an information source?

I do not want to invade anyone's privacy.


He just phoned is due to be moved today :) :) :) am away to hospital


If anyone is wondering about treatments, my son is having a Thrombolysis/ivc filter tomorrow, we never got talking to the Doctor at the hospital as there was only one junior doctor on and he was run off his feet so I am home now looking it up.

They may explain in detail to my son but it is a long drive so for safety I came home as getting tired.

At least something is being done so I will see him tomorrow after treatment as no one knows what time it will be any time from morning to afternoon and the drive is too long if they give half hour notice.