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Thigh going numb!


Hi there Ive just returned from a 3 week holiday in Florida which was super but it was also very hot and I couldn't stand to wear my compression stocking after the first couple of days. We did a lot of walking and my leg wasn't as sore as I expected just some shooting pains here and there but pretty much every time I sat in the car the top of my thigh at the back would go numb. I could actually pinch it with my nails and not feel anything. I understand I should have been wearing my stocking but most days the temp. was around 30 degrees. Would my leg going numb be normal after a dvt or should I be worried? Now that I'm home I'm wearing it every day again and it hasn't happened since. Any advice would be appreciated x

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Maybe you should visit your gp and tell him what was going on


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