5:2 Fasting Diet when on Warfarin

Hi, Has anyone used this diet to loose weight when on warfarin? Two days in the week, either back to back or apart, you eat 500 calories for a woman, 600 for men. The other 5 days you eat "normally". Sounds like you can loose weight gradually, and I think it is a diet that I can manage around my family. Since being on warfarin, I have gained weight, mainly due to a big change in my lifestyle, and I believe that the warfarin makes me more lethargic. I regularly get my INR checked, and since I eat very seasonaly (what is growing current in my garden) my INR does vary according to my diet. ie. rhubarb, asparagus, etc. Summer eating more salads tends to raise my INR. I will talk with my GP about wanting to do this 5:2 diet before I start.

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  • ELCgirl. Haven't tried it but the general rule is that a steady and consistent diet gives a more stable INR than a dramaticaly changing one. My guess is that your INR may go down slightly following the fast days so an adjustment in Warfarin may be called for. If you are self managing your INR then you can keep a check on the effects and adjust accordingly but if not it seems a bit chancey. Definitely talk to the GP but don't abandon the idea yet. I don't know why you want to diet but being overweight has negative health consequences too so it may be a good idea. All the best and please let us know how you get on.

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am now thinking that these "fad" diets are not the best way to loose weight. Since I got ill in 2009, my lifestyle has dramatically changed. I am no longer a fit, active person. I do think Warfarin causes me fatigue, and my body is so easily bruised, so therefore what I used to do to keep fit, is no longer an option. I must keep active, and will try to walk more, and do gardening. Feeding my active family puts me in a position with lots of good food, but I must watch what I eat. Thanks.

  • Hi Love,

    I have no real experience of INR but have some of weight loss. My problem was trying to lose weight due to constant problems resulting in three arthroscopies on my left knee. I managed to get from eighteen stone to fifteen in eighteen months and the most effective method was by PORTION CONTROL !

    I am now fairly stable at fifteen stone and whilst it wasn't easy originally my metabolism has now stabilised. In the early days I was quite often hungry but with a smaller plate and a smaller portion you can soon settle down.

    Personally, I get a little concerned at the dramatic changes which are integral to the 5:2 diet and I suspect that these do not help the mindset (which is the most important aspect of any diet regime) If the mind is not geared up properly then I would suggest that it will all be that much harder.

    However you try to get there, I wish you the very best of luck.

  • Thanks, Yes, I agree, portion control is soooo very important. Will do my best.

  • Hello. I know I will sound a tad bit boring but exercise / physical activity will also play a huge part in steady healthy weight loss. I don't know if you or anyone you care for has a disability which means you have to take time out to care for them but I personally would not rely on a fasting diet! It may be the starting boost that encourages you - but fasting isn't the ad all and end all to losing weight. Exercise that you enjoy and portion control is the name of the game. You may feel lethargic but I find that exercise classes are what I enjoy doing. Especially the friends you make at the classes! I would suggest power walks every day - for 20minutes at a time and then work towards doing other types of exercise - keep it a mixed bag so that you don't get bored. You have to find out what type of exercise you like doing so that it never feels like a chore! Oh and do speak to your medical professional about all of this including about the fasting diet. I would also like to repeat what has already been mentioned and state that it is also about your mindset - he you can't control your portion sizes them what will you consider eating normally on the other 5 days? I have a friend who tried this diet and she has failed miserably - freely admitting that she can't do portion control! It's not for everyone - but don't think of it aqua quick fix - that's where it is domed to fail before you start! Take care. Let up know how you get on.

  • It is a lifestyle change I need to make. Since being ill in 2009, my lifestyle has changed and now I need to get back to a better weight. Two stone is about what I would like to loose. I am determined now to exercise more and watch what I eat - or portion control as Redneck commented. Thanks.

  • Starting now, exercise and portion control. Thanks all.

  • I apologise for initially missing off the cardio vascular exercise aspect of weight loss. It is something that I do fairly naturally nowadays since having a mild heart attack in 2010. Flowerpower is quite correct and we shall both be expecting a report, on this forum, in six months time as to how much progress you have made. I bet all three of us will be surprised at the progress you have made and it will also give you the excuse to go out "clothes shopping".

  • I have been doing the 5:2 diet since January this year and have lost on average 0.5 lbs a week. I do not consider this to be a "fad" diet, Ii see it as a lifestyle change and intend to follow this as a normal diet.

    On the days when I only have 600 calories I still eat a large amount of green vegetables/salads so I have not seen much difference in INR. It really seems to work for me. and find it very easy to move the fast days around to suit work and social commitments.

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