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Recently I have discharged from the Pain Clinic they said my pain was horrible but not harmful. When I was first diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my neck, the Consultant told me the way I could alter this condition was to make it worse and end up paralysed, the best I could do was keep it at the same level of pain. I asked him is there a operation I could have, he said yes but we will not operate until it was obvious you was going to be paralysed because the operation could paralyse you. That was nearly 5 years ago. So the thing was hurting me the most was my job. So I went to the Disability Officer at the job centre and after talking to the Disability Officer and Personal Manager at ASDA together I Decided to go on to Checkouts and do 16 hours a week. That way I would keep my Working Tax Credits and a bit of a wage. I then went to a different Disability Officer who put on to The Work Company a government funded company to help people get into work they could do, also I did a test online at National Careers Service They suggested I would be good at Administration and passed onto Futures government run and what both companies said they can't help you because we have got no funds to do so. Both companies have dropped me since and now I am addicted to Morphine due to how long I've been on it. Also I have been lied to, I was told there was a drug I could take to replace the Morphine. 4 months it does not exist. So now I am in pain and the side effects of the Morphine are getting worse. On the benefits front I was told that I would probably not get anything until I was paralysed I walked out the room before I hit the bastard.

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I see that no one has replied to you since you posted your situation...It was probably "hitting the bastard" part that scared everyone away! Anyway, I understand your frustrations. The morphine addiction is a problem all in itself. Always remember that it's how you deal with the challenges, trials and tribulations that life brings to your life and not the problem itself. Anger intensifies any situation and you don't need that. You can try more natural ways to manage your pain by doing certain exercises and eating foods that keeps any inflammation from flaring and irritating your neck. Your doctor should provide assistance with weening you off the morphine or send you to rehab. Find an advocate to assist you with getting the help you need. Case worker, Lawyer or community advocate. Peace & Love


Thanks for the reply yes the language was strong but I didn't know any other way off putting my feelings across .I have had tests for Sleep Apnea and the test that every 30 minutes I was asleep there was a sharp dip in my breathing. I saw the consultant and he wants me to admitted to the hospital for a day for further tests he did say that my pain medication could be the cause of the problem. But as far as I am concerned the sleeping as got to be sorted as I am finding it difficult to work and enjoy doing anything.

Yes I am a person wants live in peace but when people try and stop me from doing that I do get very angry, see it's not just me but the rest of my family see me upset and that upsets them in turn. You I don't want to be crippled and be a burden to them. I know what it does to some ones life as I was my Mother and Fathers carer and they didn't die peacefully.


Seems that your doctors could try something besides morphine to bring your pain to bearable levels. Maybe keep a journal of your pain, your medication and the reactions you're dealing with. I know it's a lot to do while suffering, then convincing one of them to actually read it, but maybe? Best wishes for you, sorry about your painful situation.

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