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What to buy OH for Christmas

As Christmas is looming again I thought I'd tell you how to bring back that childhood feeling of the excitement at being faced with a pile of presents not knowing what you were about to unwrap. I don't know about anyone else but now that gifts are often requests rather than surprises Christmas has kind of lost its magic (or maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy). So for as little as £10 you too can recreate the magic.

Here's what you do:

Buy 10 items from Poundland and wrap each item individually and put in a large gift bag. You can pick any amount you like but we decided on £10 and in addition items needed to come from different categories e.g. toiletries, socks, confectionery, CDs, DVDs etc. It doesn't really matter - the sillier the better. We had great fun choosing and wrapping items and on Christmas morning it was like being 5 years old again.

However be careful on the amount you set - after doing this two years in a row 10 items started getting difficult so we dropped to £5 and still had fun.

Try it this year, it's priceless 😀

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Great idea!


Our family have the same gifts rewrapped each year. Many are poor taste and you are supposed to open them with surprise and delight. Every now and then someone adds something new. If a member has a birthday soon after Christmas it is a good chance to offload your gift. There was a set of $5 Crazy Clark's plaster ducks still in the box that went round for about 10 years and on the back of the box was a record who received it and when. Each year the audience would exclaim,"aren't they lovely...I can see them over your fire place!". Another group had the choice of a wrapped gift or the white Elephant table (things you have but can't use but someone else could) . One family have a competition for the best piece of kitsch for the Patriarch of the family. Another is the game where you all supply a gift. You draw a number and select a gift. The next person has the option of choosing from the table or stealing from one of the already chosen gifts. That person has another turn. HAVE FUN! MERRY CHRISTMAS?