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Hello, i am new!

I have never really spoken to anyone about my health issues. But it is getting to the point where i feel alone, and stuck. So hello!

I am planning to go to university next year, and i am trying to lose weight so i feel better about myself. This is difficult as some of my problems give me a lot of physical pain so i really struggle to exercise, although i enjoy it.

I hope this makes me feel less alone! :)

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Hi Amber. Sorry to hear you're feeling alone. I'm obviously older than you but I struggle to lose weight as well as exercising is a problem with my painful knees. It's very frustrating! I hope you get to University next year - don't be shy about asking for support whilst you are there - no need to feel alone and isolated. Good luck!


Hi Amber.

Welcome, I hope that it will make a difference talking about things.

Belive me you are not alone anymore.

Please ask me anything that will help ???



Hi Amber.

Welcome to the site.

You're not alone & stuck anymore.

Can you please let me know what exercises you are trying to do???

I hope that you don't mind me asking.

I hope that you feel better now???

Please let me know if I can help you further.



Hi Amber, I used to play a lot of rugby and other sport. I was very muscular but now a lot has turned to fat. I try Tao exercise and eat like a mouse and have lost a bit of weight. I have been told that many of the prescriptions we are on, especially women, make you gain weight, several stone sometimes.

Swimming is probably best rather than cycling and jogging which are both hard impact on your knees. My wife does Aqua classes at the gym as well as sauna and steam room.

Anyone who judges you by your size not personality is a bit of a looser anyway. I love my wife's curves!

You should be proud having a chronic illness and still doing a uni course, well done you.

PAtrick x

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