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PIP assessment has arrived

I have been given my date for my PIP assessment for next Tuesday, I did ask if I could have someone come to the house as it's difficult to get around but they said no even though they did it on my original application. they now say they don't do that and I will have to come. if it's not bad enough that I have to worry day in day out about my condition now I have to deal with this. I know there are people out there trying to con the system but that's no excuse to put all us through hell and all the stress that comes with it.

to be fair when they come out to me first I got a specialist not someone who got trained up last week, he could see the pain I was in and didn't need to go through all the assessment as he knew the answers to most of the questions.

here's hoping I get a specialist and not someone who got trained last week.

sorry for the rant

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I would insist on a home visit,as I know they do come to your home

Good luck


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Good luck.

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Good luck. I was originally down for a home visit then they changed the centre and said I had to attend. Then they cancelled on me two hours before the meeting because they were running late. The next appointment I was so ill it was a duvet day and cancelled it and asked for home visit. It was my wife calling and they said no I had to come, she started crying and they relented and said only if I get a letter from my Dr.

This wasn't for DLA or PiP nor ESA as I can't claim it but for the stamp duty for my pension. All they had to do is look in my file and see I get both higher rates for DLA to see I am not conning them about the small stamp duty. Let alone the stress what about the cost to the tax payer.



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