I lost it today

Today I just broke, the pain I feel every second never going away, everyone around me can't grasp the concept of why life just stops over neck and back pain. I can't work nor do anything much around the house. My husband is barely getting hours at his job so we're looking for a second job for him with no luck. My marriage is hanging by a thread. I got in the car set on driving and making it, I ended up pulling over screaming I punched my steering wheel and broke blood vessels in both hands my fingers. I just had so much anger today not having control over pain with treatment and meds and no sleep, I can't take much more. There are times I wish I know longer existed.


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  • Oh it sounds like things are grim for you just now. What treatment are you getting at the moment ? I think it is very hard to understand what another person is going through especially when it's something like pain that can't be seen. We've all had pain but once it's gone it's impossible to remember what it actually feels like.

    Everyone here knows what its like and is experiencing it at the moment they read and respond to your post. So use this site to let off steam and don't hurt your hands again please. I do understand. I once banged my head off a wall. Sore back sore hips and sore head. Not a good move.

    I hope today is better for you


  • Thank you Dee! It's just been a difficult time, I've received physical therapy, chiropractic care and pain mgmt including injections. With little to know relief. Our lives changed so much after the accident, I miss having control over my body and I barely sleep. I can't work and miss that so much, I just feel so isolated now. I'm paying for what I did yesterday my hands killing me today but honestly if I could feel a different pain somewhere else to take my mind off of the whiplash pain at the time I just lost it. This site has been really good!

  • That all sounds so horrid for you!!

    I've had days like that too - when you get to the point that you feel you can't cope anymore! I suffer from Fibromyalgia which now causes awful pain all over my body! And recently I've had quite a few times wondering if it's all worth it. Yesterday I was sat on the bed crying and rocking with the pain till the meds kicked in! but then today has been much better and had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine - so please don't give up!! And no more hitting steering wheels!! :-)

  • Thank you! Lol yes I'm paying for hitting the steering wheel now, I just laugh at it☺️ I'm so sorry your in so much pain, I think coping comes and goes I forget at times that were all human and can only take so much. I know I'm really irritable to and that doesn't help things. I'm so happy to hear your having a better day today! Some sunshine really can help! I know those days where the relief is just to far away in bed away from the outside world. Your never alone in this!!☺️

  • Been there before without being ill was bad enough know how your feeling I sit and wonder why me what have I do to deserve being in pain all the time ? Does get to me sometimes I scream cry shout

  • I think sometimes you just have to let it out, though punching a steering wheel wasn't the best thing and in paying for it now, you do wonder why me? I hate to say that but it's hard not to wonder why these things happen and why there's no treatment to make things better to heal. I feel terrible for people going through this with themselves and the loved ones that stick by our side. On either end its never easy. I just miss what I use to do now I can't do anything without extreme pain. Which disables my capabilities. You get shut out of the world stuck in a way.


  • i feel alone with my pain no one apart from my mother knows how i feel day in day out i just wish things would change and be normal again but i really cant see it anymore

  • I understand it's so awful when you feel alone everyone around you wonders why your not better just to push through it, but I've learned that they don't understand because thankfully they have not experienced it. It's not something that heals like a broken bone. The judgment people place on others is ridiculous sometimes what you need more then anything is understanding and support. I am here for you always! I had treatment today I felt better right afterwards but it's already all returned again pain and everything, it's hard to not become discouraged it's more then just a battle. How are you feeling today?


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