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Hi to all painees out there. I am due to have a caudal epidural injection in both sides of my spine.

Ive been 17 years with no control for weeing/ back/leg/feet/arm/hand and face pain, only found out about pain clinic 2 years a go.

Since then they've done quartrisation, lidocane and most other treatments. Ive had 2 prolapsed discs and bad pelvic pain. They have given me ZOMORPH 60mg and Oromorph 5ml/10mg 200ml per month to deal with excess pain!!

What is the caudal epidural, pain doc said it was the last step????

HOPE YOU ARE ALL KEEPING WELL AS YOU CAN EXPECTED TO. Im always (ISH), it saves time with others who really don't want to know.

All help happily read, so ta from me because I know people on here really care.

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