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This is a sore 1

i cant take it anymore... it all happened when i got back from a camping trip...

i was feeling fine minus the fact that i was tired, when i got back from the trip. waking up in the morning i had this weird pain in my back right under the right rib. at first i didnt notice it but it was definitely there when i started coughing. i told myself that it would go away if i got a bit more shut eye so i did.

woke up again started to force myself to cough to see if whether or not it would hurt and it didnt. so i thought it had gone away. I was a bit hungry and decided to make some food. this is when it went downhill fast. i was making the food and had to sneeze. at the same time i was sneezing i felt my back crack and this sharp pain shoot right thru the area as described above.

now i cant even sneeze, cough, or even laugh hard (this is killing me since i laugh alot). im not sure whats going on. ive been doing as much research as i possibly can but im coming up short. if anyone here has this same symptom, please tell me it goes away afterawhile because i can not definitely live with it.

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Hello Tez

I'm really not sure what's going on and sometimes you can have back pain referred from stomach problems like gallbladder problems ?

I hope you're able to see a doctor as with my pain if I tried to take a deep breath and I can't because it's so painful and I know I need some help from the medical profession it's the same with coughing so don't try and be brave get some help from the doctor see if you can find out what it is hopefully it will go away and you will never have it again !!!!!

all the best Luv squeak xx