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I need suggestions input anything

I recently relocated several hrs away from my home town i been trying to find a new primary care physician which hasnt been easy.....the 1st 2 clinics reviewed my medical records then called and said they wouldnt be able to take me as a new patient. No explanation and I asked. I picked up my records took them to another clinic across town actually got an appt scheduled (i went today) filled out all the paperwork spent 45 mins answering medical history questions for myself & family history listed all surgeries so on n so forth...when the dr came in first thing she said to me was that die to guidelines of the clinic they dont prescribe pain meds on a 1st visit (ok understandable) she went on to say she'd not prescribe them at all but had i tried amitriptyline nortriptyline neurontin etc.. I examine that since ive been taking psyc meds for 20+ yrs the meds she suggested Ive already taken to treat my bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder & anxiety I did not do well on them and i wasnt willing to go back on any of them so i could suffer from the side affects again and throw my body totally out of whack well worse than it is right now. She shrugged and totally dismissed anymore conversation concerning my chronic pain. I asked about a pain med specialist she said sure but they don't prescribe anything either....Im at a total loss i dont know what to do next or who to talk to this is a valid diagnosis its in my medical records but nobody will treat it! So am I to believe im cured because nobody will treat me (obviously im not cured in a 30min conversation ) but thats how i kinda felt i was to think by time i left my appt.

Please if anyone has any kind of information suggestions or whatever please please let me know.

thank you

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Hello I'm sorry I only saw your post just now I think you've been treated terribly I hope by now you found another GP or doctor to treat you .of course you can't be cured she has done nothing to cure you she's just made you feel that you need the tablets without reason. I have had problems before when moving to a new GP there must be some way that you can see someone else at the practice or a register where you can find whoever is local that is taking patients on I hope by now my advice is wasted as you've got A good doctor to treat you correctly and as you have always been treated and that their kind and supportive which is also what you need anyway take care Best wishes love squeak XX